Dog Park Geneva 1205 - To keep and improve the current set up

Dog Park Geneva 1205 - To keep and improve the current set up

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Geneva and surrounding population

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Started by Caterina Leoni

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This petition has been created by individuals living in the neighbourhood of 'des Minoteries' and also surrounding areas within Geneva, Switzerland. We would like to petition that the temporary Dog park located in the park des Minoteries become a permanent fixture for the benefit of the community, the dogs owners and their pets.

At present, there is no dedicated similar space within the area and it is greatly beneficial for both the socialisation of dogs and as a meeting point to bring together members of the local community. The socialisation of dogs is key in the successful integration of animals into the community. Moreover, the dog park acts as a focal meeting point which allows individuals to come together to socialise, make connections and share ideas: increasingly important in this present day to bring people together in real life.

The park has played a key role within the past two years of bringing many moments of pleasure and joy for the local community and for their pets.

We are collecting signatures in order to ask our local governmental organisations - The Grand Conseil of the Canton of Geneva and “La ville de Geneve” - the following requests:

• To keep the dog park in the Park de Minoteries, 1205, Geneva and transform it into a permanent dog park, accessible all year round, free to use to anybody

• Replace current temporary fencing by adding a wooden gate and solid wooden fencing around the park: increasing the safety for all both those inside and outside the park

• Add a bench and a table inside the park: brings together individual to share moments and ideas

• Change surface of park: for example wooden chips on the ground

• Park should be accessible all year round

Please help us to support this request, our pets but also all the people in the area that want to stop by for a chat and even, why not enjoy some 'pet therapy'!


Les habitants du quartier des Minoteries ainsi que des quartiers avoisinants, à l’origine de cette pétition, demandent que le parc à chien provisoire situé dans le parc des Minoteries devienne permanent et soit doté d’infrastructures adaptées aux chiens.

La présence d’un parc à chien dans cette zone manque cruellement et ces espaces sont indispensables pour favoriser la socialisation de nos chiens. Un parc à chien permet également aux habitants d’apprendre à se connaître et de se réunir afin de partager et d’échanger des idées. Ce parc est un lieu de rassemblement et encourage ainsi la vie en commun.

Les soussigné-e-s demandent au Grand Conseil du canton de Genève et au Conseil

municipal de la Ville de Genève :

• de maintenir le parc à chien de manière définitive.

• d’ajouter une clôture solide, afin d’éviter que les chiens se blessent.

• d’ajouter un traitement du sol adapté aux parcs à chiens (copeaux), afin d’avoir

accès au parc toute l’année.

• d’installer des bancs.

215 have signed. Let’s get to 500!