Remove M.S.C.G. from Genesee County Office of Emergency Management EOC and Radio Room.

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Amateur radio in Genesee County, Michigan is known throughout the nation by the conflict that exists, rather than the breakthroughs and outstanding service provided to the community.  Michigan Specialized Communications Group Inc. (MSCG) has failed to lead and its 8 year unofficial partnership with the Genesee County Office of Emergency Management must come to an end.  The unelected, self-appointed lifetime term MSCG board has continually failed to carry out their mission statement after 8 years.  The membership has repeatedly asked for elections, participation requirements from board members, restrictions in holding multiple positions - all of which the board has vehemently rejected.  Members have repeatedly requested published board meeting minutes and annual financial disclosures that have not been provided or outright denied.  They have successfully alienated the vast majority of the amateur radio community.  The board has proven an inability to rallying support and or participation from the membership and the local amateur radio community.  Furthermore, this board is incapable and/or unwilling to work with any A.R.R.L. appointed leadership at the local, district or state level.  The time has come for new leadership and an ARRL affiliated membership elected board.  

 We the undersigned ask the Genesee County Office of Emergency Management to;

  1. Remove Dale Collins, KC8ZXF as Races Officer and Clay Hewitt, KF8UI as Deputy Races Officer
  2. Rescind keys from MSCG board members to the Genesee County Administration Building and discontinue allowing the board to hold board meetings in the building
  3. Demand the MSCG board to release back to the membership the assumed names Genesee County Amateur Radio Public Service Corps (GCARPSC) and Genesee County Advanced Radio Emergency Service (GCARES) and discontinue further use in printed or electronic forms.
  4. Demand a full accounting of all equipment obtained via grants or donations, the whereabouts and use.
  5. Allow an elected, term limited ARRL affiliated board to form with the express purpose to manage and oversee operations of Genesee County Amateur Radio Public Service Corp and respective programs within the service corp (i.e. ARES, RACES, SKYWARN, NTS ect.). 
  6. In cooperation with the ARRL Section Leadership, appoint a new ARES Emergency Coordinator to serve as both EC and RACES Officer and grant full access to the EOC and Radio Room and to his/her officers.

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