The New School Butterstone - Education and Care that worked

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The New School Butterstone parent’s group is actively fighting to get the school reopened. In the 8 weeks since closure only 2 pupils have permanent places at alternative specialist provisions, 2 pupils have been offered and accepted bespoke packages of support, 2 have accepted college placements (16+) and 18 have no permanent placements. Of those, none have a full-time provision.

The parent’s group state their unequivocal support for all staff from the New School Butterstone.

Bill Colley (former Head of School) and Angela Gordon (former Head of Care) were reported by Sandra Wright of the Care Inspectorate on 29th November to GTCS and SSSC for “failing to report a child protection issue” , over 3 weeks after an investigation had cleared the school of any wrongdoing, and demonstrated that the decisions taken were the correct ones.

Bill Colley and Angie Gordon have the full support of us, the care, dedication and support they have given our children over the years is of the highest standard and we thank them for succeeding with our children.

Their professional reputations have been damaged and this needs to be rectified and cleared up as a matter of urgency. Our children need their rights met and to go back to school as a matter of urgency. Reopen The New School Butterstone!