General RV: Resolution To Ongoing 9 Month Ordeal of Undelivered Fifth Wheel RV

General RV: Resolution To Ongoing 9 Month Ordeal of Undelivered Fifth Wheel RV

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Jonathan Squire started this petition to General RV

Hello, my name is Jonathan Squire and I, and my family, am asking for your support.

Over the course of summer last year, my family and I began researching with the goal of purchasing a fifth wheel RV unit for the purpose of utilizing it to explore the country for a short period of time before settling back down. The idea originally began out of indecision on where we would like to relocate to, as we were wishing to move out of Florida and somewhere with seasons. We spent months figuring out all of the details, researching homeschooling options for our child, researching internet options so I would be able to continue working during the week and even began donating and selling personal items that we would not be keeping once we began full-time RVing.

Early November 2019, we went to the General RV dealership outside of the Tampa, Florida, area to look at RV units. After spending the day browsing units, we settled on a new Sanibel 3202WB fifth wheel unit and placed a $1,000 deposit to “hold” the unit while we took the rest of the day to finalize our decision.

After exchanging a few texts and phone calls with the salesperson (Brian Muttillo) over the next few days, we finalized pricing and made the decision to proceed with the purchase.

The following weekend, on November 9th, 2019, we arrived at the dealership and completed a walkthrough of the unit after a few hours wait. During this time, an employee (Trish Yancey) took notes of items that needed to be repaired prior to taking delivery of the unit. The issues consisted primarily of cosmetic problems with the fascia pieces throughout the unit, a faulty electric fireplace that did not properly work, and issues with the window shades not properly operating in the primary living area.

Once we completed the walkthrough, we were taken to finance and instructed we needed to do paperwork to finalize the sale and they would start the repair process, stating it would take “a week or two” due to having to order parts.

Over the course of the next month or so timeframe, multiple calls were placed to the dealership to find the status of the repairs. Consistently, we were told it was being worked on. However, on/around December 13th during one of the follow up calls, it was stated that the parts had not been ordered until late November – despite being told previously this has been done – and now the parts would take +/- six additional weeks due to the factory closing for the holidays.

At this point, we spoke with the Sales Manager (Jason Cohen) and advised we wished to exit the deal due to the multiple delays and discovering we had been mislead on the status of the repairs. Jason refused and offered no resolution beyond a handful of accessories as a token gift for the delay. Furthermore, he pressured us to take delivery of the unit and said he would, at no additional charge, later retrieve the fifth wheel when the parts came in and they would make the repairs at that time. This is of critical importance as, at this point, we had not yet sold our house and would not have a 1-ton truck to pull the fifth wheel unit until we had taken delivery and moved into the fifth wheel – so we were entirely dependent upon the dealership delivering and retrieving the unit.

Thus, we reluctantly agreed to having the RV delivered after being pressured by Jason to do so, believing this would at least allow us to begin the process of consolidating and “moving into” the unit and prepping our house for sale. A few days later, on December 16th, a General RV employee (Lugene, unknown last name) called to advise he was on the way and asked to confirm if we would be home. We advised that yes, we would be.

He arrived in the afternoon and after a few minutes of discussion, agreeing it was “zero difficulty” to park the unit in our drive way (we live on the corner and were concerned with a stop sign potentially being in the way). While backing the unit up, he stopped to check his progress and at this point both of us noticed that the tailgate of the delivery truck appeared to have struck the front basement area of the fifth wheel. This strike resulted in damage to the door, damage to the latches/locking mechanisms and resulting gaps that would allow rain/outdoor elements into the RV if not resolved.

After emailing the Sales Manager, Jason, regarding the issue he apologized and said he would keep us posted on the progress for sure.

Since this occurred, we have only received one (1) communicate from General RV and have retained legal counsel. However, the dealership has to date ignored initial attempts by our lawyer to discuss the matter. This has forced us to begin legal action.

At this point, it has been over 9 months since we purchased the unit and it has only been in our driveway for less than 30 minutes. We have not seen the RV since December, have no knowledge of the condition, if the original issues were resolved or if the damage during the attempted deliver has been resolved. Even if it has been repaired, the simple fact is the unit has now lost value due to damages sustained.

To date, we have paid General RV $5,000 between our initial deposit and down payment, $3,146.05 to US Bank (loan holder) and $758 to SafeCo (insurance) -- not to mention renewing the registration last month.

Our dreams have been demolished with this experience and it has caused a multitude of stresses related to having nearly $500 per month in expenses related to a unit we do not have. We cannot move forward with our life with this hanging over our head, we’re not able to move forward with our goal of resettling outside of Florida and the anxiety caused by this ordeal has resulted in too many sleepless nights thinking of the RV and wishing we had never purchased the fifth wheel from General RV. Due to COVID, we also worry we would be unable to sell our home in a timely manner even if the we wanted to -- which further compounds the stress and anxiety of the situation.

We are asking General RV to "undo" the deal and make us whole, refunding the money spent to date and dissolving the purchase.

On behalf of myself and my family, I implore you to sign this petition on our behalf, and share this petition with friends and family, and help us pressure General RV into making this situation right and achieving our goal of a resolution to this ongoing nightmare.


Thank you,

 Jonathan Squire

 Adrianna Swarez

 Jaysen aka “the kiddo”

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