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Award Tray Nixon as an Honorary Marine

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Tray Nixon is a local 24-year-old who has been diagnosed and has lived with cerebral palsy the entirety of his life.  Additionally, Tray has struggled with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in regard to child hood trauma he experienced during several facets of his life.  Through all of this, Tray's one and only passion that has kept him fighting against his debilitating physical disorder and his anxiety inducing mental disorder are his desires to serve as a United States marine in the corps.  So much so, that Tray has written several presidents, local military affiliates, and a plethora of other contacts with this specific desire to enlist and, in any way he can, serve his country.  Tray has attempted to serve in other ways as a civilian, such as reaching out to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs in hopes to be part and serve as inspiration and help in any capacity, specifically the Wounded Warrior project.  However, time and time again, Tray has been notified that, due to his physical disabilities, he is unable to do so.  However, despite countless setbacks, Tray continues to adapt and overcome, persevering in his passion for the military philosophy and code of conduct and adhering himself the standards that all marines hold themselves accountable to.  This petition is solely geared toward one purpose and one purpose only, to help Tray Nixon become an Honorary Marine, a gift that, if bestowed upon him, would serve to lift his spirits and help him in his continuing struggle to ward off anxiety, depression, stress, and continue to battle the unending debilitation of his diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.  However, in order for Tray to be awarded this title, the Commandant of the Marine Corps must approve it.  I truly feel that Tray has endured as much, if not more hardship, than any of those he names as brothers, his fellow Marines.  Thus, for his dedication to the corps and the cause, he deserves to at least be considered to be given the title of an honorary marine and earn the right to be named among the best fighting force in the world. By signing this petition, you would be helping to bring attention to the Commandant, General Robert B. Neller, in the hopes he is kind enough to approve Tray with this award.

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