The authorisation of a deceased parent to go on a child’s birth certificate

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Hi my names Grace and I’m starting a petition to allow authorisation of deceased parent to be entitled to go onto a birth certificate of a child/children they was unable to bring into the world.


This is my story.

Myself and my partner found out we was expecting our beautiful baby on the 1st of April 2018, after going for our first scan we then discovered in amazement that we was expecting twins. Life couldn’t have been any sweeter as we prepared to welcome our twins into our family. A month later we went for our check up and was informed that we had 2 beautiful baby girls to look forward to welcoming into the world in November. We had a wonderful weekend making beautiful memories and informing family about our 2 beautiful Daughters. Life really was amazing, until 3 days later when my Billy was tragically hit by a train on his way to work. He fought as hard as he could for 3 days but even the toughest of people shouldn’t have to endure the pain and suffering that he did. Sadly my soul mate passed away on the 3rd August 2018 while I i was 5 months pregnant with our girls. He never got to meet our daughters, see their first smile, step, laugh or anything else. My children will never get to meet their daddy who would have been the most wonderful parent.

I'm starting this partition in order to get a parent put onto a birth certificate without the need of having to have a Paternity DNA test performed (On each child if non-Identical twins) and a court order for a judge to agree for a deceased parents name to go onto a birth certificate.

I as a mother believe it is my right and children’s right in order to have their fathers name authorised to go onto my Children’s birth certificate without having to endure court and DNA Paternitytests.

please sign this partition in order for my girls to have the right to their father on the birth certificates and to help any other women that should never have to endure the pain and suffering that I have felt as a mother who lost a partner and parent while pregnant.