Stop Religious discrimination

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I am a resident of India by Birth and belong to a Muslim family, it was a day when my family was most humiliated due to Religious discrimination.

We live in Bangalore city and we are supposed to move out of our current apartment and were searching for any available apartments for rent around Bangalore city. While doing so we made a lot of calls to available houses looking at ads in the internet and other sources but it was a shame when owners of apartments or houses denied to let it out to us just because we belong to a particular religion. It got us into tears finding out that we were being treated like this. The first one to break down was my sister who is studying 11th standard. I can only imagine how hurt a kid her age would have been due to such irresponsible people of our society.

Initially we felt that it’s just that the difference in belief which is causing all this. But after enquiring almost 15-20 different people when we got the same answer it felt horrible.

It was so easy for people to just tell us cold over a phone call reasons like we don’t want to give it to Muslims, looking out for Vegetarians only and other excuses that really did not make sense.

To add it up one particular person asked all details and explained all details of his flat and later when he found out denied and said that the flat was let out a month ago. ( Atleast he was decent enough not to hurt my emotion)

It really made it worse that we are living in such a modern society and in a city like Bangalore which is growing so exponentially but still having so many people with such religious discrimination.

It hurt us more as we are living in a secular- democratic country and still Right of Religion I.e the most important fundamental right of being a citizen of India was being affected by such small acts of discrimination.

Its a shame to live with so much humiliation and hatred.

I request every individual who has ever been through anything like this to sign the petition and support this cause so it can help our society to grow and also reach the Government so that they can take certain necessary action to punish people who are involved in such religious discrimination.