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  • The objectives of this initiative is that the single-parents can adopt children's, because we think that a single women and man have the opportunity of be a mom or dad without the necessity of other person for have a baby
  • Generally in the world is not common that a single-parent adopt children's, but in this moment  the world need to change the ideologies and considering that we're in other time
  • The most important objective of this initiative is to make aware the people who doesn't support this and to give reasons for considered this (we want people to realize that anyone can adopt a child) 

Reasons to support:

  • One of the most important reasons to support this is he time in what we are living, we're in a evolution and is a moment of many changes
  • We considered that a person who doesn't have the opportunity to have a couple, or wife etc, have to had the opportunity to have a baby, he or she can give a better life to the kid.
  • Also is good to understand that are people that doesn't wants to have a couple for many reasons, but wants to have a child, and are compromised with give to the baby a lot of love ( the only thing necessary so that someone can adopt a baby is that he/she has enough resources to be able to maintain it and to give him/her love and protection )



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