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MSU: #Streetching: Street Teaching; reaching out to help the children of the urban poor

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Too late for advances?

Like most of the nation-states subjected to colonial rule, the Philippines remains a developing country and nothing is done to challenge the status quo. Throughout the nation's 72 years of being independent of colonial rule, the nation experienced changes that had impacted its modern history, but none of it seems to have brought an era of positive demographic changes for our people. Until when will the Philippines develop? No, we are not late for advancements; in fact; this should mark its beginning.

How do we overturn our fate?

The children of today is the future of this country, and we need to develop these children in order for them to be successful in their respective fields of expertise. This in turn will create a positive feedback loop that focuses on the development of the nation and its people. We hope that thru this, the Philippines will be celebrated as a nation that is culturally, politically, and socially progressive.

What measures do we need to establish in order for the campaign to be a success?

Our group decided that in order to create a successful campaign we must follow and spread the steps that we think is the best to direct our interest towards bettering the image of a Filipino youth. 

1.)First is to organize a band of people who are willing to commit their time and effort to mentoring these children.

2.) Amass learning materials and other resources that will help us facilitate the development of the local youth population who cannot afford to go to educational institutions.

3.) This step considers the execution of the main goal of the project, to mentor the children of a community; in our case a community in General Santos city. The chosen community will be visited three (3) times during which, the children will be given free class sessions and "merienda" to motivate them to involve themselves on learning more about the world.

4) This step involves the spread of our cause and our belief; that a globally competitive Philippines is possible through cooperation. To relay our ideas to like-minded individuals, we will utilize the power of social media to our advantage.

What must be expected?

Upon the realization of our project, we expect a chain reaction that triggers other individual's interest to helping their fellow Filipino youth.

Why does it matter?


Sooner or later,the leaders of the present will concede the leadership baton to us, their heirs; it matters for having an ill-equipped individual bars the success of our republic. Being aware of the facts and figures that turns our economic machinery helps us to prepare ourselves for situations that will otherwise destroy our progress such as: economic recessions and depressions, conflicts and the like. We believe that there is power in learning for discovery is at the heart of humanity itself.

"Every long journey begins with one small step"


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