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Milk Tea Should Be Called Brown People Water.

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Brown people were never truly acknowledged, we have been the minority for far too long. This is a start, if we are known for our splendid Tea that tastes like it came out of the womb of mother nature, being acknowledged as a legit race won't be that far of a dream anymore. 

Here are some important points you should know:

  • Africans claim that Chapati is theirs, refuse to believe it's Brown People's.
  • Africans claim that "Sarong" are also theirs.
  • Milk Tea is known to be more of a British thing than a Brown People thing.

That last point is what Triggers me the most, yes they may have colonized us Brown people good and made the whole thing work. But come on, you took our land for some time, we can't call our independence days truly an independent day if you still claim the whole Milk Tea thing is yours. Just saying. Then again, this is all a Brown Person's opinions and may not be acknowledged...

P.S: If you are offended by this Petition and not a Brown person, just do what you normally do and don't acknowledge this. We're probably used to it anyways. However, if you are a brown person consider plastic surgery so that you can then not acknowledge this post. 

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