Lobby CCG to set up local vaccination clinic

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We call on Kent & Medway Health to open an accessible vaccination centre in Deal to serve the community of Deal, Walmer and Sandwich 

The only location for Covid 19 vaccination  in Dover targetting elderly  people is too far for travel from Deal  Walmer and Sandwich areas with elderly people at risk and shielding within their communities.

In order to attend the centre in Dover the use of public transport is both unsafe and using taxis will be too expensive for many people. As a result without help or support many people will be reluctant to come forward 

The 70 plus group were asked to shield so have not ventured out of their home area for months, and will be risking their health having to travel to be immunised against the virus.

We call on the the Kent & Medway CCG health authority to organise an accessible community based vaccination facility initially for the older and vulnerable people in the Deal Walmer and 

This facility to be available when extended to all age groups receiving the anti Covid vaccination as part of the programme to prevent the spread of the virus.

Cllr Susan Carlyle (Deal Town Council/Terry Bishop (Joint Chair ACE)/ Cllr Pam Brivio (Dover Senior Citizens Forum)