Do Not Allow Dan Andrews To Extend State Of Emergency

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Daniel Andrews is motioning to extend Victoria's State Of Emergency for another 12 months on September 1st. By design, a State Of Emergency can only last for up to 6 months, yet on the same day Daniel Andrews reported Victoria's lowest Corona cases since July 5th, he also spoke on his plans to reform this law and extend it for the next year.

A reform of this law, would see Daniel Andrews continue to enforce curfews, treat the citizens of Victoria like criminals, destroy our economy, see suicides continue to rise and allow Daniel Andrews and the Labour Party unlimited power removed from any legislative and democratic processes.

With Corona cases dropping daily, there are sensible ways to move forward and see we take care of the vulnerable, while not punishing the healthy. If the motion to extend the State Of Emergency goes through, it will be to the detriment of all citizens of Victoria.