Cosmetic Companies to use models with ALL appearances

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Recently I saw a comment made by L'Oreal that states they cannot work with people that have "skin issues". As someone that suffers from "skin issues" (acne) I was outraged by this. I also noticed all their advertising, and not only L'Oreal but other brands too, were of models that had completely airbrushed/photoshopped skin.

Realistically, every single person does not have that type of skin. Cosmetic companies should have a variety of models wearing their products. Models that range in skin tone and skin type. If a brand created a full coverage foundation, why not use someone with "skin issues" rather than discriminating against them? Based off my experience, "skin issues" creates so many self esteem issues. When a brand says something like that, something needs to be done. We need to empower and embrace one another, not bring some people down and get away with it.

I am hoping that this petition opens other companies eyes to include a variety of models and to stop the photoshop editing. "Perfect" skin doesn't just sell and beauty is more than skin deep. Brands need to be inclusive of everyone.