Stand With Majah Hype!

Stand With Majah Hype!

December 6, 2020
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Started by Kali Kali

We understand domestic abuse and empathize with women and men who are true victims of same. However, we also sympathize with men and women who are hung in the court of public opinion based on domestic abuse allegations that have not been proven. 

U.S based Caribbean comedian, Majah Hype, is now at the center of domestic abuse  allegations by his ex-girlfriend Kirby. She alleges that he physically, and sexually abused her in their relationship. Her proof: pictures of black eyes, bruises on her wrist and bruises on her foot heel. 

Although it's sad to see her bodily injuries, we believe these pictures are NOT enough to prove she was abused by Majah Hype. Kirby has to present more independently, verified evidence of Majah Hype's abuse. We the public are requesting video recordings of the abuse at this time. Furthermore, this video recordings need to be verified by an independent, bonded agency.

It is not enough to destroy someone's reputation and career based on photos of injuries that cannot be proven to have been made by Majah Hype. Anyone, including Kirby, could have caused harm to her. We have seen time and again how women cut themselves, or bang their foreheads into mirrors to allege domestic abuse.


Some women do this to get back at men, or to launch their careers, gain popularity or get money as abuse survivors from fund-raising websites such as GoFund Me. Kirby is now using GoFund Me to raise money for an attorney. Shouldn't we the public be more discerning? Let's not support people just out of emotions! 

Kirby has not proven her domestic violence case and she hasn't shown us an attorney's retainer with a break-down of her expenses to justify our support in any form!

We, the intelligent and logical people, are tired and fed up of women (mainly) destroying men based on accusations and unjustly benefitting from this. If this is allowed to continue, one day we might find ourselves or our children in a similar predicament. Over the years, we have seen how the #MeToo movement have been at the forefront of this. 

Domestic abuse is no laughing matter and we stand with true victims of domestic abuse!

However, we need to take a stand against women who might be abusing this right. Let's require women to PROVE abuse beyond a REASONABLE DOUBT that they have been abused! If a criminal court requires this, then we the PUBLIC needs to require this also before we start hanging men and destroying their lives.

Let's Stand With Majah Hype at this time until Kirby, his ex-girlfriend, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that she has been abused!

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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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