Save Health inspectors

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Environmental health was legislated to fall under preventive medicine in South Africa but over the years the health department has chosen to turn a blind eye which has lead to less ehps(Environmental health practitioners) in the field even though more than 1000 graduates are unemployed. Cases of out breaks eg listeria faced the country as a result due to lack of resources and professional practing, with other huge issues faced by environmental health practitioners 

Few months ago as affected graduates we took a stand in following the law by martching to department of health and handed our memorandum, we received feedback that our matter is being investigated but to our surprise HPCSA has summoned one of our vocal members in the movement, as a joint group we do not appreciate being intimidated for standing up against issues faced by employed and unemployed EHPs. 

We are asking for support from anyone who comes across this petition, to protect one of our members and others members that will be summoned for voicing their struggles with the profession. 

This matter is very important from the hearts of environmental health practitioners who are concerned with human health. 

The following are concerns ehps are faced with :

# ehps don't get absorbed after community service 

#unemployed ehps who want to register back into hpcsa are required to pay a fee of 3000 upwards for a board exams which is hard to afford in the climate of unemployment in the country 

# Most who are unemployed can't afford paying hpcsa fees 

#Meat inspection which is a division of Environmental Health has been outsourced by government and this has a huge negative impact on public health because meat inspectors are currently powerless and can't perform their duties with freedom. They are probably the most disrespected professionals in the health sector hence the constant rise of foodborne infections in South Africa.

Please share this outcry to your circles and your communities. Let's save Public Health Officers. Let's save our country.