Stop another act of vandalism and disrespect to the victims of the Holocaust

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As we know, during the Second World War, Brest population decreased by half within one week in 1942.

Mass extermination of Jewish population took place in the forest near Bronna Gora and on the territory of the former ghetto in the city, that includes the site within the boundaries of the streets: Kuibyshev, Dzerzhinsky, Budzennogo.

The site was planned for development.

In January 2019, work on this site disclosed that this was the site of Nazi mass executions. It is close to the pits of 1956 and 1976 in which were found remains of the victims that suffered to death for belonging to the Jewish nation. Up to now, the number of unearthed remains is approaching 500, but is it final? It is doubtful.

There are two reasons stopping the development. First, it is not known how many secrets remain unrevealed and mostly out of common respect for the dead.
One of the worst Jewish curses is: "Let the earth throw out your bones". We cannot allow the present generation to repeat the evil that our ancestors did in 1842, during the construction of the fortress.

Then the 500 years-old Jewish cemetery was desecrated, the bones of the dead were dug out of their graves and reburied in a new cemetery. In 1950-1970, that cemetery was also vandalized, and in its place the "Locomotive" stadium was built.
We, the undersigned, propose to prevent another act of vandalism and disrespect to the victims of the Holocaust.

Article 41 of the Belarusian Law "On Local Government and Self-Government" stipulates that the local executive committees are authorized to deal with issues of development within their territories. We demand that development on this site of the Holocaust be banned. We also demand that the site in question be researched, regarding the existence of other graves. The site should be fenced and a memorial park should be established in memory of the 30,000 Jewish residents of Brest murdered in the Holocaust