Bowel cancer detection

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When presenting with abdominal health issues,  it should be COMPULSORY that when the investigative procedure of minor surgery happens, that BOTH an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy  takes place. Not an endoscopy only as this will not detect early or late stages of bowel cancer. When detected early enough this can be treated and cured. Please listen GP’s and SAVE lives. This is personal to myself and after battling for 6 years as a missed detection some 11 years ago all would have been prevented had I received not only the endoscopy. Some years later both endoscopy and colonoscopy were done but I was already Stage 4 which quickly turned to secondary in both lungs, inoperable. I want GP’s to be aware of helping their patients but doing BOTH procedures at ALL times. If this helps anybody to live a longer life than myself then taking the time to put this out there, will be worth it. So COMPULSORY endoscopy and colonoscopy for ALL abdominal or bowel related issues regardless if symptoms present in the upper abdomen. I cannot impart enough the importance of this. Yes I have reached 70 years of age but still so many reasons to live and so much more to give to life. PLEASE ALL Drs, ALWAYS listen to your patients as they know their body and rely on you when things feel ‘off’ Compulsory Endoscopy and Colonoscopy when a patient presents with these issues. Thank you for taking the time to read this and listen to me.