General Motors: if you’re going to sell it here you are going to build it here.

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The General Motors Bailout cost U.S. taxpayers over 11 billion dollars. 


In 2019 General Motors is now the largest automobile manufacturer in Mexico whilst simultaneously laying off tens of thousands of workers across our nation. Thousands of other support jobs will be lost as a result. 

They’re even building the new Blazer at a plant which currently builds the Chevy Cruze whilst shuttering the Ohio plant that had built the Cruze and is their most productive workforce. 

Enough is enough. This is the ultimate stab in the back and it is time we stand up for our working class, our friends, our communities, and our nation. 


Our president has threatened to impose tariffs on cars coming into our nation but that doesn’t go far enough. Tell General Motors you will not purchase or lease a vehicle built overseas by signing this pledge. 


If you want to sell it here you build it here or it will rot on the lot; your choice.