Have Staff that took care of Alfie Evans investigated

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Have Staff that took care of Alfie Evans investigated

I am writing this petition on behalf of myself and Belfast activists Tracey Morris and Linda Byrne O'Riordan.

Alfie Evans, toddler at Alder Hays Children's hospital, has been in the news lately. The world has watched how he and his family have been treated. To say it has been appalling is an understatement. The hospital staff taking care of Alfie has used the British judicial system to rubber stamp their "care plan". Alfie has defied the odds. His parents are hero's for being devoted parents. I have no words to describe the actions of the staff taking care of Alfie and the British judicial system.

Yes , childrens' rights are important, but parents' rights must factor into decisions into a child's medical care as long as the parents are acting in the child's best interests. Alfie's parents have more than proven they are acting in Alfie's best interests. The staff taking care of him appear to have turned a blind eye to his parents.

We are asking in this petition that the medical staff taking care of Alfie are investigated by their respective registries to ascertain whether their care has not violated any child or parent's rights in the past.