UK,Canada and Australia should stop asking for English language proficiency for Nigerians

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Nigeria after colonization by Britain forced the country to adopt English language as its national medium of communication, as a result every aspect of interaction among Nigerians is carried out in English. In line with this, all educational activities are carried out in English from preschool to university education. It is strange that when we do business with these countries we don’t need interpreters, yet when we want to integrate into their workforce or emigrate to these English speaking counties we are asked to do English language examination to demonstrate our proficiency in a language that has been part of us from birth. More worrisome when professionals like Doctors are forced to do these exams yet we were taught in English language,do exams in English language and are issued certificates written in English language,why then subject us to this when all our live we have been speaking English. Moreover the professional exams we do in these countries are administered in English.