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I, Stella Jones, and the supporters who sign this petition ask that any doctor who is erased from the Medical Register because it was proved that their conduct was inappropriate, unprofessional, sexually motivated and indecent should never be reinstated.

My personal story.

After I was seen by Dr. Shekhar Chandra at St Marys Hospital, Newport, Isle of Wight, I was the witness for the GMC (General Medical Council) in a case against him. I had to give evidence and be cross-examined because the doctor denied all the allegations throughout the 3 years it took for the case to be heard. Although this was upsetting I did this to protect, not only myself, but other patients.

There were several allegations and I was relieved when they were found proved and the Fitness To Practice Panel stated that they found me to be a reliable witness, and erased Dr. Chandra from the Medical Register.

It was stated in the case notes: 'The Panel has found that your conduct and behaviour was inappropriate, unprofessional, and not of a standard expected of a medical practitioner. Further, the Panel found that your conduct was sexually motivated, indecent and an abuse of your position of trust as a Doctor'

'The Panel is concerned about the serious nature of your behaviour. Doctors occupy a position of privilege and trust in society and are expected to act with integrity and uphold proper standards of conduct. That trust is not simply the trust that patients place in doctors, but also extends to colleagues and members of the public. This misconduct is serious as you abused the special position of trust, which you occupied, with a female patient'

After the case was over I needed 3 years of therapy as this affected my life greatly. I found out in March, 2017, that Dr. Chandra had applied to be reinstated. Although I was upset by this I was reassured by everybody that he would not succeed.

But the MPTS panel heard his case and remarkably reinstated him. He finally admitted and apologised for his actions and apparently showed remorse. The legal person representing Dr. Chandra stated that he 'was a changed man' and ' there was a low risk that you would repeat your actions' I was devastated.

We find this unbelievable and unacceptable, that after such a serious case, and a doctor being erased for this type of misconduct, that it is even considered, or that he has the right to be reinstated. If there was a risk to the public when he was erased, then we feel that risk is still there. This doctor is now free to apply to any trust and practice as a doctor and treat female patients. How can patients have faith in their doctors and how do they know the history of their doctor?

After this devastating news, luckily the GMC, like me, did not agree with the tribunals decision, and are taking the case to the High Court, in the hope to win an appeal to have him erased again. But, at present he is a registered doctor and the case is likely to not be heard for several months.

This still should never have happened though and we believe that this needs to be looked at very seriously, to protect patients.

We ask that this case is used as an example and the procedures on reinstating doctors with this type of background are seriously looked at. We do not feel it is fair for patients and members of the public to unknowingly be treated by any doctors with this history. Patients have the right to trust their doctor and I, personally, should not have to live in fear that this doctor may apply to work as a doctor at our only hospital on the Isle of Wight where I am still a patient.

I hope you look at this petition seriously and please consider the the seriousness of this situation. I have organised this petition to not only highlight my story but to hopefully change things and stop this happening.


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