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It has been publicly confirmed that the newly announced Scots ASC College will not be the name of the integration of The Scots School & All Saints’ College. A recommendation from the Presbyterian Church Property Trust will be going to the Presbyterian General Assembly in early July. It will be a new name for the school with a strong probability that the new name will not have reference to either school.

This document is shared in good spirit & faith for all who may be interested reading this information.

We feel that there is a majority of people who are passionate about maintaining the Scots name and brand.

To those who have been a part Scots' legacy present, past and well into the future here is your moment to affirm your passion and support for the Scots brand and reputation.

This is YOUR opportunity to have your opinion heard. Allow us to share with you our standpoint on why Scots should remain in the new name.

The Scots School is a highly reputable educational brand. The School who came over the Blue Mountains at the end of WWII from The Scots College, who incidentally celebrate 125 years of education in 2018. The Lion emblem and the single word ‘Scots’ strongly identify academic excellence, pastoral care and diverse opportunities.

Since 1946 Scots continues to provide:

·         Presbyterian faith & Christian values
·         Core stability across all aspects of the school
·         Academic excellence,
·         Incomparable pastoral care,
·         Individual attention,
·         Inclusive culture,
·         Diverse opportunities,
·         Unrivalled boarding experiences & facilities
·         Reduced tuition fees by 30% and remained viable

It is evident that Scots is a solid platform that a new school can evolve from. Why change to a new name that has no proven performance? When people see the Scots name there is an automatic association to a great all-rounder experience and of course the Pipe Band!

Why do you feel the Scots name should remain? Feel free to comment positively, share a memory, or state what your connection to the school is when signing this petition as to WHY in your opinion the Scots name should stay.

It's never been easier to take action! Ensure YOUR opinion is heard and sign this petition in favour of the Scots name.

Thank you for supporting this petition.

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