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Vote of no confidence in Donald Trump, Mike Pence elect General James Mattis independent

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The American people are sick and tired of nothing getting done. The ultra-right and ultra-left have disintegrated the political nature of this country into shambles. If Donald Trump resigns or is removed from office Mike Pence will become the next president of the United States. Without a doubt this would be a crime. Mike Pence has shown the moral backbone of a jellyfish concerning everything that Donald Trump has done. He has backed Donald Trump, backed the Tea Party and ridden the coattails of the president to his current position. I have absolutely no confidence that Mike Pence would be any better than Donald Trump. If you look at Mike Pence's history he has supported the Tea Party, an incredibly divisive element in our political system associated with Stormfront and white supremacy. He has supported Donald Trump through the entirety of the campaign and through everything he has done and said. It is obvious he hopes he will become the next president. He is the consummate politician there is no doubt about it, he is an attorney well spoken and shifty as all get. Formerly a democrat in the 80s and when that didn't pan out ran as a republican (failed), worked as a political talk radio host and then joining the Tea Party eventually became a republican governor for Indiana. Donald Trump has lost all moral authority and has shown a complete lack of character and is not going to improve this country. A consummate politician or an attorney is not going to improve this country beyond the current chaos and corruption the last five presidents have presided over. What has been accomplished has nearly always been reversed by the following president or special interest. We need progress, not bipartisan bickering or weak-minded self-inflated Silver Spoon losers.

We need true leadership in the White House.

Until then James Mattis (I) is if not true leadership, the closest thing we have. General James Mattis has served under George W bush and Barack Obama and now Donald Trump and he is most likely the only reason the Trump White House has not been removed already. He definitely does not seem like a Steve Bannon fan. He is most likely one of the only reasons we do not have a Trump crony as a private security force Czar in Afghanistan at this very moment.

I have started a petition to vote no confidence in any public official that does not deserve the office they represent. There will always be bad ones.

Please watch for it and sign it if you will. We the American people should have the power the Constitution intended us to have. We the People should never be stuck with poor leadership.

This petition is a vote of no confidence in Donald Trump.

This petition is a vote of no confidence in Mike Pence.

This petition is also a formal Declaration of confidence in General James Mattis (I) to succeed Donald Trump as the next president of the United States, until a new president can be formally elected.

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Nathan Lane

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