Use Wind Energy Instead of Fossil Fuels

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The action of fracking for fossil fuels has become a common and worldwide way to quickly get a big amount of energy that could be used to generate electricity. Many humans are not realizing the devastating affects that fossil fuels bring to the planet.

The use of fossil fuels for energy is really inefficient and really bad for the environment. Fossil fuels make dangerous air pollution, they release a lot of So2 emissions and greenhouse gas for example Co2 which can then lead to consequences like acid rain, unhealthy air and can form harmful matter. This way of creating energy for electricity is absolutely harmful for the planet and if humans don't take action, greenhouse gasses will rise to the atmosphere and trap heat from the sun causing temperatures to rise. The production companies of fossil fuels have not even thought about the deadly consequences they will face and keep on going due to their greediness for money.

But this can change. In 1888 the wind turbine was born, enabling the producing of electrical energy through wind. Wind turbines don't release any unhealthy emissions as they only rely on the force of wind to turn their propellers. Wind energy is also a type of renewable energy that could be renewed but also never runs out. Wind is a source that will never run out on Earth. The use of wind power would soon change the world. People didn't need to dig through the ground to get fossil fuels, the wind is already the efficient, effective and sustainable source of energy that is good for the environment.

We want the world to realize how near it is to total mess. We want to find better solutions to solve un-environmental problems and bring this world forward. As years pass companies like General Electric can start manufacturing more and more wind turbines that would generate more and more electricity. With a small change anything big can happen. So let's bring an end to fossil fuels and start with renewable energy!