Committee Politics

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The LRADS are very useful, but in this case what they are intended to do is not that useful but legally an offence to the private citizens. The LRADS are very destructive to the citizen in that they alter with the hearing system of a person and also cause pain and discomfort to the persons near it when under operation. The law breaking instrument as that will lead to the personnel who had conveyed the meeting to face adverse challenges from the law because it is breaking the citizens right to hear and receive information. The most important legal claims that will arise due to the use of this harmful device are tampering with the health of the citizens, misuse of power by the person using the device, misinterpretation of the devices manual and breaking of the rights and security of the citizens.
If there was no enough time to test the LRAD and it is used to control the crowd and there are some persons that will suffer from the effects of the device the law will hold to persons who used the device for that purpose. Therefore, the persons who used the device must face the law because the harm of the device is noted down in the manufacturer’s instruction but what the person who used it neglected the instructions. This is what can lead him to facing the rule of law due to negligence of the of the manufacturers manual on the use of the device.
To the supervisor it is unethical for him to supervise a device that can cause harm to the citizens get operated to destruct the persons due to the pain and other lethal effects that are accompanied by the use of the equipment. Therefore, this shows how the supervisor has no pity and cares, not for the human rights, but he is a destructor of the human rights. This shows the wrong use of office to violate the rights of the poor citizens.
Dan shows negligence of office by ordering the use of the device that could hamper the rights of the citizens. Therefore, they need to do is to use the manual of any device before using it and try it because if it causes major harm to the citizen it is mishandling the office that one is in. The chairperson Mr. Salemo needs to be moderate in the work leading to him looking for better ways to solve the arising problems in the committee that will not lead to breaking of the legal platforms of the citizens which will show negligence and more so misuse of power.

The legal claims that would arise due to the denial of the Amnesty international to plot a protest at the Torch of Friendship is that there will be a violation of major citizens rights such as the right to heir and speak out their grievances. These will in the constitutional rights that the Amnesty have the right to heir their grievances to the committee without interruption from any party. Therefore, so as not to get interrupted by the Amnesty international they must first listen and address their grievances in a suitable manner.
This will be through addressing to the results of the businesses of the persons in the town and the ports authority because it will really affect the businesses in the area. This will come as a result of the congestion in the busy port of Miami. The ports businesses have the right to continue no matter the duties that are going on at the DNRC meeting. The organization chairperson must take the challenge and make the meeting be as silent as possible in that it will not affect the businesses of the port operations because this will lower the revenue of the port and also affect the ports management on the sector of congestion. Therefore, the Chair of the committee should take the deal of the port and the citizens that they will be affected if they are not allowed to protest due to the adverse effects that the meeting is going to cause to the port and the nearby businesses.
The town will be doomed if the meeting rules that the committee addresses are followed to the latter leading to the legal laws that govern the port. The chairperson should lead with deliberation and consideration to every human right. This will help him to get out of major trouble from the injustices that would be facing him due to violation of the clear rights of persons. This will even portray good governing skills that can be emulated because of diplomacy in handling the tasks that confront him.

There are some major legal aspects that can arise due to protests from the Greenpeace would lead to the abstraction of the port proceedings that will block major port services leading to other injustices such as road blockage and more so destruction of property of the ports authority that has taken a lot of cost to install. Therefore, the protests will inhibit the well running of the meeting leading to failure by the committee and therefore, wastage of time and what is prevalent is the discontinuity of the meeting. If the choke points are terminated due to the protests the port is to sue both the protesting parties and the persons being protested against because his is a major set back to the ports services leading to delay of the port goods that might be required throughout the country. Therefore the chair person of the meeting Mr. Salemo is to be accountable before the law and therefore, the permission to protest because it will lead the committee to use force to terminate the crowds that are protesting leading to injure of some of the protesters hence this will cause major lack of injustices to the protesters.
This is very unlawful because in protests the committee will use devices that can tamper with a person’s life and cause serious damages to the persons leading to even laming the citizens in more serious ways such as denial of the right to listen and hear. This is very unlawful, and the use of such tools is a crime therefore, the committee has to deny the purchase of such goods and tries to employ diplomacy in handling the massive crowds. This will give the members and the delegates in meeting a weapon to shield them in case of the array before the court.

Therefore, the organizing committee should plan and create measures that will help reduce unwanted legal injustices that might lead to breaking and misinterpretation of the rule of law of the country. They should use diplomacy in immobilizing the crowds leading to a better way of expressing the stand that they have for the rule of law in the nation. Therefore, the committee must give the a listening hear to the crowds so as to get the grievances that they are driving to leading to better ways of handling the crowds so that force can be minimized in the process.


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