Legalize Medical Marijuana

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Millions of people just like me deal with severe chronic pain that is not controlled by even the strongest pain medications. Along with that, many opiate medications have severe side effects such as kidney and liver damage, severe constipation, and worse addiction.

Because of the growing number of people overdosing on these dangerous medications, it is becoming increasingly difficult for chronic pain patients such as myself, to obtain the medications needed to help them function. Many times we are sent to ERs that should not have to see us just for chronic pain issues and they really don't want to. We are further stereotyped as drug seekers, when in fact, we're only seeking relief so that we may continue being productive members of society.

If medical marijuana was legalized it would not only decriminalize it, it would reduce black market purchasing of the drug, people could obtain safe accurate dosing.

At the VA, the emergency rooms are full as it is, with wait times exceeding 4 hours. Could you imagine having to wait in an ER for 4 hours while in some of the most excruciating pain of your life? 

Marijuana can be so beneficial not only for chronic pain suffers, but those suffering with PTSD, chronic migraines, depression and more.

Im a U.S. Navy vet who has fibromyalgia and Lupus. I'm also a nurse trying to get her career started. I had a fibromyalgia flareup and was so fatigued I slept for nearly 48 hours total. I was in so much pain that I curled into a ball and didn't even want to breath too hard in order to keep from feeling the pain anymore. I lost two days of work and missed several family events that I didn't have to if I had been able to use a cannabis treatment. When I finally made it to the VA both my primary and rheumatologist explained that they couldn't write me anything for pain due to regulations put in place by the VA and my only course of action was going to the ER. When I did, the waiting room was full with a wait time of 4 hours. I was fed up with everything and tearfully went home.

No one should have to live in the pain that conditions like Lupus and fibromyalgia bring, nor should we have to sacrifice other body systems by taking opiates. This why I believe that medical marijuana should be legalized in Florida and more importantly the VA.

Thank you,

resspectfully, Ms.Danyale L.Miller,LPN

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