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General and Complete Disarmament in 50 years on the Basis of Global Harmony through the ABC of Harmony

GHA Open Letter:

Global Peace Science for G20 and Humanity –

Growth through Peace and for Peace but not for War


The Letter coauthors are 57 GHA members:

Leo Semashko, Charles Mercieca, Glen Martin, Bruce Cook, Ernesto Kahan, Bishnu Pathak, Madhu Krishan, Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Subhash Chandra, Marina Kozlovska, Julia Budnikova, Surendra Pathak, Mariam Khan, Nina Yudina, Heli Habyarimana, Matjaz Mulej, Alexander Semashko, Laj Utreja, Maria Cristina Azcona, N.S.Ravishankar, Vera Popovich, Lida Sherafatmand, Andrew Semashko, Svetlana Kuskovskaya, Svetlana Vetrova, Justo Bolekia, Tholana Chakravarthy, Peter Semashko, Leonid Timoshenko, Igor Shadhan, Dmitriy Delukin, Alexander Subetto, Uraz Baimuratov, Alla Voronova, Maitreyee Roy, Erica Lazarova, Ivan Ivanov, Alla Ivashintsova, Dmitriy Ivashintsov, Zaure Hizatolla, Guy Crequie, Artem Budnikov, Takis Ioannides, Marie Robert, Vladimir Branskiy, Celia Altschuler, Susana Roberts, Manijeh Navidnia, Kae Morii, Hedva Bachrach, Manish Bhatnagar, Kurt Johnson, Nataly Cherkasova, Sarah Mbodj, Apostolos Paschos, Athanassios Koumouris,

Subhash Sharma,

from 20 countries:

Argentina, Bulgaria, France, Ghana, Greece, India, Israel, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Russia, Rwanda, Senegal, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine, USA


Approved by GHA on August 3, 2013



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For peace-loving citizens:

Sign the GHA Open Letter about Global Peace Science for G20 and all Governments

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A peace based exclusively upon the political and economic

arrangements of governments would not be a peace which

could secure the unanimous, lasting and sincere support

of the peoples of the world, and that the peace must therefore

 be founded, if it is not to fail, upon the intellectual and

moral solidarity of mankind. UNESCO Constitution.


Global peace science is a key of intellectual peace

solidarity of humanity and general hope of all nations

to real peace and prosperity on the Earth. GHA


Harmony will save peace. GHA



G20 Leaders, on the Summit, September 5-6, 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia



Global Peace Science for G20 and humanity.



The GHA proposes to create, under the G20 aegis, Global Peace Science (GPS), one of its variants created by the GHA 8 years ago see below. For this purpose, establish the G20 appropriate work Committee: “Global Peace Science (GPS)” under the leadership of Sherpa and hold a 2014 International Scientific Contest among the more than 400 Peace Research Сenters in the world to find the best option for GPS, with a result to be discussed and approved at the next G20 Summit in 2014/15.

“The G20 agenda is organized around three overarching priorities, aimed at starting a new cycle of economic growth:

- Growth through quality jobs and investment;

- Growth through trust and transparency;

- Growth through effective regulation” (

These are subjected to the criteria of “sustainable, inclusive and balanced growth” as harmonious evolution, spontaneously forming global peace, requiring adequate science (GPS). This science will allow G20 to determine the fourth most important for the survival of mankind priority of growth: growth through peace and for peace but not for war. This priority in the G20 agenda will be a new and constant topic of discussion since 2014, when as a result of the Contest the most appropriate version of GPS will be selected. This priority will provide the highest holism and synergy of active harmonization for all areas of economic growth. GPS will give the G20 working process an additional, intellectual and moral impetus, optimizing and harmonizing this process, greatly expand its formats, and most importantly, subordinating it to the peaceful humanistic dimension and meaning of G20. Meeting the challenges of economic growth within the GPS provides simultaneous steps towards global peace and relevant decision of the most important problem of mankind. This will increase G20’s efficiency and public benefit for the global community to higher level. Global peace is inexhaustible, but so far an unknown resource for sustainable economic growth, which requires a corresponding science. The creation of this science is a modern challenge for the G20 - creating a common language of peace for the nations and governments in a global society for the 21st century.


Dear G20 Leaders,


The GHA appreciates your work on stabilization and development of the global economy and global finance, recognizing that your efforts have the potential to spontaneously foster global peace. We recognize the G20 as the world's first institution, together with the G8, attempting direct global regulation of world economy and finance. Naturally, it’s axiomatic that global peace is a prerequisite for sustainable development on a world scale. Any global armed conflict threatens humanity in, as we know, "nuclear winter", i.e. destruction. This is not a phantom danger - it has been proved by scientists around the world. It hangs like a sword of Damocles over humanity, including the economy with all its finances. In fact, war is more ruinous than any economic and financial crisis. Preparing for a war, as expressed in the ever-growing global arms race and the constant growth of global military spending –is one of the main causes of today’s economic and financial destabilization and the related global crises.

These facts take first place among world challenges affecting potential for global peace. Analysis of the situation - its sources, causes, foundations and actors – through global peace science (GPS) – is a clear challenge for each leader. Unfortunately, this scientific approach has just been created in addition to hundreds of scientific institutes and centers engaged in isolated and fragmented private peace research on national and regional scale, but not global level. But this scientific Rubicon can and must be crossed.

For example, considering military science, D. H. von Bülow’s (Spirit of Modern Military Systems, 1799), developed by Carl von Clausewitz (On War, 1832) and recognized by all governments, which continues now by hundreds of thousands of military scientists and teachers and studies in thousands of military academies, institutes and colleges by dozens of millions of soldiers and officers. With comparison with war science, the absence of GPS is a great intellectual and historical defect of humanity, finding explanations but finds no scientific or moral justification, especially today. If governments have been so eager to embrace military science, then how can they avoid accepting peace science even now, after almost two centuries, if it will be created?

Humanity has long dreamed of such a science. Immanuel Kant wrote about its possibility (i.e. the existence of objective natural source of peace) in his great treatise Perpetual Peace in 1795. He found an objective guarantee of global peace in the "harmony among men" as social nature, “which finally assures peace” ( If there is an objective social nature of peace, then may well be its science.

Kant’s supposition has received scientific development in the GHA, which has developed GPS over 8 years based on the theory of social harmony. GPS is represented in the GHA’s 7 books and 47 projects of social harmony and global peace. The most perfect theoretical expression GPS is found in book: "The ABC of Harmony for Global Peace ...." (2012) by 76 co-authors of GHA from 26 countries: Its empirical expression is found in a new Program of "Comparative Sociological and Statistical Study" analyzing dynamics of spheral classes of the population in India, USA, Russia and Kazakhstan from 1950 to 2010 by decades ( This study is not yet due to lack of funding at $ 60,000). GPS represents itself both as a science, not only of global harmony, but also the science of global justice, global economy, global finance, global prosperity, global law and global democracy. It is expressed by the GPS’s holistic model: "Social Genome of Peace from Harmony" (SOCIONOME: GPS is deeply holistic science, covering the main measures of global peace: economic, financial, political, legal and others.

In this way, GPS moves from solutions of military conflicts to their prevention. All of this is presented in detail in the GHA books and projects, and in the GPS general contour on 4 pages - in the article "Global Peace Science" (

Further, GPS is connected to another important global project: Constitution of the Earth (, which proposes legal democratic regulation of all conditions of global peace: economic, political, financial, and so on. However, the GPS option is based on social harmony - this is one of its options, and its first real example, which does not exclude the other.

As you can see, there are sufficient scientific backgrounds to create the GPS. But this requires the will of world's political leaders, particularly G20 leaders, to organize an International Scientific Contest under the aegis of your Committee. This Contest would be established under the appropriate G20 working committee under the leadership of Sherpa for competition among more than 400 Peace Research Сenters in the world to seek the best option for GPS, with a result to be discussed and approved at the next G20 Summit in 2014/15.

Key conditions of the proposed Contest, from our point of view are as follows:

1. The Contest should be open to any group of social scientists who have proven themselves by publishing Peace Research by at least 5 scholars from no less than two countries without any other restrictions.

2. The Contest will accept scientific texts of projects under the general title: "Global Peace Science" having at least 10 pages and no more than 1,000 pages of electronic and paper versions (perhaps as a book) with a total summary of contents in 4 pages or less.

3. Ideally, each project should include at least the following parts / sections:

3.1. A review of previous peace studies, especially of a global scale.

3.2. Underlying theory of global peace with fundamental concepts defining the objective ultimate causes, natural actors and spontaneous but harmonious sources of global peace.

3.3. Empirical confirmation for the theory of global peace.

3.4. A methodology and main ways to realize the theory of global peace at global, regional, national and local levels.

3.5. A rough estimate of the economic efficiency of the global peace theory.

3.6. Applications of global peace science as the theories of global justice, global law (especially human rights), global politics, global ecology, global democracy, general and complete disarmament, global peace education, harmony between religion and science, global culture of peace, global interfaith harmony and global interspiritual movement.

4. We propose that the G20 Contest Committee develop "Rules of the GPS Contest" with all details, including the necessary funding for research participants in the Contest. This Regulation is approved by leaders of the G20.

The GHA has more detailed proposals so it can enter this Contest, which it is ready to share.

The historical significance of this Contest is that it will be the first global conscious-coupling mechanism of world political leaders, using with GPS as a reasonable and therefore the non-violent key to global peace. Its result may be the establishment of an International Peace Science Institute under the G20 aegis. This Contest will mark the beginning of a new era in human history - the Age of consciously and universally building harmonious global peace on a scientific basis. According to the UNESCO Constitution, not only war but also peace arises in the mind, but only on the basis of relevant scientific knowledge, which opens a new era. This era will be the integrated implementation of the humanity’s fundamental ideas of peace expressed by human genius:

Immanuel Kant: "What has nature done with regard to this end (the design of perpetual peace) which man's own reason makes his duty? That is, what has nature done to favor man's moral purpose…? … Nature guarantees perpetual peace … but … making it our duty to work toward this end, which is not just a chimerical one."

Leo Tolstoy: "In the hands of war are billions of money, millions of obedient troops and in our hands is only one, but the mightiest tool in the world - the truth" (true - it is a science).

Mahatma Gandhi: "If we are ever to have real peace in this world we shall have to begin with the children" (i.e. with children's education in global peace science).

Albert Einstein: "Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding" (i.e. by mind, armed with the global peace science).

Martin Luther King Jr.: "We must shift the arms race into a peace race" (that can be done through global peace science).

Letter to
I just signed the following petition addressed to: UN.

General and Complete Disarmament in 50 years on the Basis of Global Harmony

A Global Harmony Association (GHA) Constant Petition to the UN

To collect 1 million signatures by
September 21, 2013 - International Peace Day
And it is so on to Petition implementation
GHA 37th project

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Constant Petition as
Constant Requirement for
General and Complete Disarmament

Global Harmony Association (GHA) calls on all people of good will who are against any war, and support all possible avenues of peace on the Earth for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren, for our nations and for our environment, to sign the World Civil Society Petition to the United Nations as follows:

“We, the citizens of different countries, united as citizens of the world and by a common desire of good will for the world peace as a prerequisite for the survival of the global humanity, call the United Nations to work and approve, within 3 years, “International Treaty of Global Harmony for General and Complete Disarmament within 50 years by Annual Reduction in Military Spending in the World and every Country at 2% per year.” Global harmony can result only from global harmonious consciousness, which, in turn can result from global harmonious education through the World textbook: The ABC of Harmony. This unique book for the first time in history created a real reasonable global opportunity for general and complete disarmament. This textbook was worked for the first time in the world in 2012, by the GHA 76 co-authors of the 26 countries ( The unbridled escalation of military spending must be curtailed and finally stopped in favor, first, of the development of global harmonious education and its entire infrastructure. The motto of this Treaty is: Harmonization through education instead of Militarization. Via 50 years after the approval of the Global Harmony Treaty, that is, two-three generations of people, harmoniously educated, humanity can establish a fact: the world freed from weapons and wars by achieving a general and complete disarmament and world peace on the basis of global harmony. There is no other alternative. The Global Harmony Treaty will charter the UN to create within the 21st century a world without war, violence, and violation of the human rights by establishing harmonious civilization”

The GHA calls the peacemaking organizations and all people all over the world to send this petition to your members and friends by posting it in the media, social networks and the Internet and translating it into other languages. If we want peace with general and complete disarmament, it begins with each of us.

General and Complete Disarmament (GACD). Motivation

1. When was the idea of GACD born and why it died?
2. How to revive the idea of GACD from global harmony?
3. Why the world peace not possible without GACD?
4. Why human rights are not possible and are meaningless without GACD?
5. The ABC of harmony as a spiritual and scientific source for GACD.

1. When was the idea of GACD born and why it died?

The idea of GACD was born before World War II, within the League of Nations, which devoted much time and energy for disarmament, although many governments doubted that extensive disarmament could be achieved or was even desirable in this time. The inability of the League of Nations to prevent the Second World War led to its dissolution in 1946. For some time it seemed as if GACD was buried forever. The new international organization, the UN shifted the emphasis from GACD to peacekeeping mission in the armed conflicts by control of certain types of weapons, especially nuclear and protection of human rights, and humanitarian aid, etc. Thus, the idea of GACD, per se, was in fact forgotten. The security was set as the cornerstone, which, as shown by the post-war history, cannot be guaranteed by any amount of weapons and their proliferation. The GACD was sacrificed to security. However, we know that security in the ocean of arms is a very fragile ship with constant leaks and the threat of explosions in general.
In the 60's, the idea of GACD was revived again as phoenix from the initiatives of the USSR. In the history of the United Nations, only in 1962, the World Congress for GACD was held in Moscow. Revival of the GACD idea was fleeting (1959-1962) and soon it went into oblivion due to its uselessness for industrial civilization. It was partly because of lack of understanding of its fundamental precepts and partly because of its intangible content. The GACD had no place in the UN.
Now the GACD idea is dead firmly. The concept of "general and complete disarmament" is not exists even in the modern world encyclopedias: Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, etc. In the last five decades, the GACD has been suppressed by ever greater oppression of the arms race, the cost of which, under the pretext of security, grows each year by an incredibly huge amount. In fact, the GACD has been quietly moribund by the military industrial civilization. The GACD is being undermined because it poses an easier and viable solution to prevent conflicts at the expense of the vast military-industry complex that depends heavily upon building the weapons of war. However, there is a silver lining for the GACD. The complete nuclear disarmament launched the United States and Russia in 2009 is a good sign for the revival of GACD, but still only an elusive dream. The proposed petition can turn it into reality.
The profound cause of helplessness and death of the GACD idea is military industry understanding of peace without recognizing the merits of GACD and completely excluding the idea of world peace. Their objectives are temporary peace supported by the threat of military force. Therefore, any talk about GACD is not needed. Military-industrial civilization lives on the old and false militarist slogan “If you want peace - prepare for war.” This slogan transforms peace into a time of temporary period of rest between the wars and in preparation for the new wars. It profits only the military-industrial complex eliminating the prospect of global peace and GACD. This principle subordinates peace to war, turning peace into a slave of war. So have been the periods of peace to this day. Since the military-industry civilization has no other perspective for peace to view from, the prospect of GACD died in it. The universal peace depends upon GACD, whereas the universality and freedom of war eliminates the need and possibility of GACD.

2. How to revive the idea of GACD from global harmony?

However, the steady process of globalization and the world transformation in the “big village” raises the question of survival of united humanity, which requires world peace and GACD with it, as they are two sides of the same coin. They are inseparable. But, how are they possible? They are possible only on the basis of global harmonious consciousness of global social harmony. Knowing the 20 fundamental elements of its deep structure is disclosed scientifically in the ABC of harmony.
Correspondingly, the revival of the idea of GACD, as well as its long-term focused global implementation, begins only on the basis of scientific knowledge of social harmony, which is becoming global consciousness of every person on the planet through global harmonious education in this knowledge. This knowledge is appropriate and necessary for every human and nation, ensuring a harmonious, non-violent solution to all national and global problems. This knowledge began with the appearance of the ABC of Harmony in February 2012. That time marks the revival of GACD. The need for wars and weapons will fall only on the condition that humanity is educated in this global scientific knowledge and consciously and competently uses this knowledge at all levels, from the individual to the global. Only in that case GACD will revive and universal peace from global harmony will follow.
The way to revive GACD and universal peace can lie only through appropriate, harmonious and global, education. The importance of this education in the world has long recognized by many great thinkers and practitioners. In the words of Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Consequently, the ABC of harmony equips humanity with the most important weapon of harmonious knowledge and education. The ABC of harmony is the most powerful peacemaking weapon to change the world, ensuring GACD and freeing it from all wars and military weapons. More powerful weapons against military weapons do not exist. So, we can revive the GACD only from global harmony and only through harmonious education.

3. Why world peace is impossible without GACD?

We formulated above the thesis of inseparability of GACD and world peace. If you need world peace you need GACD and vice versa. Obviously, it is impossible to speak about any eternal or sustainable peace until there is a weapon in any private possession. Its existence in the global world can be justified only in one instance - a possible military threat from aggressive space aliens, which is negligible. However, for the peaceful coexistence of the many peoples of the world, i.e. for global peace in the context of global harmony and the ability to solve any problem by harmonious manner, the need for any weapon of violence is not necessary. This allows the world peace to sustain not on fear of the war threat, but on a deep harmonious consciousness and firm trust of the nations and people.
Global peace is impossible without GACD. Any restriction of GACD by any kind or by any nation threatens global peace as a whole. Therefore, any international agreements, resolutions and decisions on global peace lose their meaning if they fail to address of GACD. We have already seen how the themes of global peace and the GACD have played out in the international scene, including the United Nations in the past decades.
Inseparability of global peace and GACD is clear in principle. But, the long road of GACD will find many conflicting details and challenges. However, in the end it will find a harmonious solution acceptable to all and satisfactory for world peace.

4. Why human rights are not possible and are meaningless without GACD?

The most important achievement of postwar history is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948. It was designed primarily to protect the fundamental human right to life from the threat of war, the threat of any military weapons, including weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately, with all the numerous individual achievements in the field of human rights, the fundamental human right to life is constantly under increasing Damocles sword of growing mountains of sophisticated weapons of mass destruction for the person. As long as the threat exists and is growing steadily, not a single person on the planet can feel safe, or consider the inalienable right to life protected and assured. The fundamental guarantee of the first human right to life can be provided only by GACD. On a powder keg and on the mountain of weapon this human right remains fiction. The human rights are violated every time a weapon is used. There is no exception from this rule that confirms all global practice of the last century. For the right to life and other human rights to become real, they should be freed from the constant threat of military weapons. They should be provided by GACD.
This is the most important motive for everyone to sign this petition of GHA to the UN with requirement to begin taking practical steps toward GACD. It is especially timely now, when GHA created for it a powerful spiritual base and unprecedented peace tool in the global ABC of harmony.

5. The ABC of harmony as a spiritual and scientific source for GACD.

The ABC of harmony opened a new era of humanity: the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment and Education for humanity. It shared the world history into two parts: the past, totally ignorant in social harmony, and therefore violent, with few exceptions, and the future, deliberately harmonious, and therefore non-violent, to be established on the basis of the ABC of Harmony. Therefore, with it a real global opportunity for GACD arises. It provides the knowledge of global harmony for the conscious building of a global harmonious civilization by the different nations, realizing general opportunity for GACD. The ABC of harmony is “the fundamental revolution in science and paradigm shift in human consciousness,” as defined by the outstanding American philosopher and co-author of the ABC and World Constitution, Prof. Martin: At the same time, it is a revolution in weapons for the first time in the history pulling out them for the braces of life and human law. It eliminates weapons from the total use of humanity providing GACD.
It is said, “Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible.” The ABC of harmony allows scientifically seeing the invisible laws of global social harmony. So, on this basis people can do the impossible, including GACD. It is a spiritual and scientific source for GACD. Other sources of GACD - social, cultural, religious, moral, legal, political, economic and environmental are necessary, but not sufficient. As history has shown, they are limited and weak for GACD. They are integrated in the scientific knowledge of the ABC of harmony to ensure GACD. Now humanity has sufficient conditions for GACD.
This petition calls the international civil society and the United Nations to make every effort to raise GACD on the level of international law and to begin the difficult process of creating the epochal “International Treaty of Global Harmony for General and Complete Disarmament within 50 years by Annual Reduction in Military Spending in every Country of the World at 2% per year.”
Since 2007, the GHA repeatedly expressed this idea with the Magna Carta of Harmony (p. 21-22). In 2009, it published in the book “Harmonious Civilization” the project, “Global Harmony Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament,” which is a first approximation to the Treaty on GACD proposed in this petition.
The GHA has already proposed this project to the Governments of China, India, Russia, Latin America and Africa. The GHA initiated the harmonious peaceful global contest, or “the harmony race,” which is intended to supplant “the arms race.” The harmonious global contest strengthens, develops and implements the great dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “We must shift the arms race into a peace race.” A peace race from harmony is the GACD race that is started by the ABC of harmony. It provides the first universal and holistic approach to GACD, in terms of which only is possible its feasibility.
Finally, briefly about the book:
The ABC of Harmony for World Peace, Harmonious Civilization and Tetranet Thinking, Global Textbook, by Dr. Leo Semashko, Project Manager, Editor in Chief and GHA 75 coauthors from 26 countries: first published in English in India, New Delhi, Doosra Mat Prakashan, 2012, 334 pages, ISBN – 978-81-923108-6-2. The book is submitted in the two electronic formats: – HTML and - PDF.
The authors’ 27 reviews are at:
The book may be ordered at:
The ABC of Harmony is represented in all the continents in the libraries of hundreds of educational institutions: schools, colleges and universities, as well as at the GHA members and friends in dozens of countries.
The ABC of Harmony was prepared within GHA in 2011 and published in early February 2012 in Russian in St. Petersburg and in English in New Delhi, India. Among its 76 co-authors are prominent scientists, peacemakers, artists and politicians: former President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam; architect of Ronald Reagan’s economic reform, Dr. Norman Kurland; head of the international organization of doctors (IPPNW), which received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985, Prof. Ernesto Kahan; Chancellor of the Pedagogical IASE Deemed Gandhi University, Kanak Mal Dugar; Catholic Professor and the UN agent, Dr. François Houtart; President of World Esperanto Association, Prof. Renato Corsetti; President of International Association of Educators for World Peace, Prof. Charles Mercieca; President of International Forum for Literature and Culture of Peace, Prof. Ada Aharoni; Secretary General of “World Constitution and Parliament” Association, Prof. Glen Martin; prominent Russian Professors: Vladimir Bransky, Gregory Tulchinsky, Alexander Subetto, Dimitry Ivashintsov and many others.
All of the co-authors are active peacemakers, each in his/her field. This is reflected on the GHA website Peace from Harmony (, which was visited by more than 3 million people.

To collect 1 million signatures from all over the world under this Petition to September 21, 2013
This Petition is closing the gap between the world we have and the world we want: the world beyond a weapon and war.

Why this is important?

World peace is impossible without General and Complete Disarmament (GACD). GACD is impossible without and beyond Global Harmony and the ABC of Harmony. It is why this Petition is the most important for humanity and every individual.


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