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1000 signatories within a long weekend? check. we can do this.

Wow, everyone: Thank you for signing and sharing. We are making a difference. GenePlaza has added a disclaimer and removed their more inflammatory text speculating on the biology of sexual orientation (or else hidden behind paywall). This is progress, but we can't be complacent: the technology that they're hawking remains unchanged. GenePlaza is kidding themselves, scientifically and ethically. This type of outcome is why Out@Broad raised concerns about Ganna et al.'s study going back a year now. (I'm pretty sure that Uganda was one of several locations we listed to PI Ben Neale while trying to illustrate the scope of possible harms during internal conversations following #ASHG18.)As a community, we need to recenter the concept of beneficence in human genetics. I am hopeful that my colleagues gathering in Houston for #ASHG19 will continue to talk about this: it's not an easy conversation, but we need to update our culture of research for the big data age. As our institutions adapt there will of course be growing pains, BUT! I don't expect that anyone will be harmed. Conversely, where this study and this "app" is concerned... I just can't summon the same conviction.GENETICISTS, QUEER PEOPLE, ALLIES: Let's speak up for our brothers and sisters in Uganda who don't safely have the same option. We appear to be living in chapter 2 of a Margaret Atwood novel, but it doesn't have to be this way. Science can be democratizing. Let's put that maxim to practice. 

Joseph Vitti
4 years ago