Demand DNC Chairman Tom Perez resign for not remaining impartial in Democratic elections.

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It is imperative that the Democratic Party Commitee (DNC) appointed chairman remain completely, and unconditionally impartial in all democratic party elections to allow a fair election process for all candidates and constituents. 

DNC Chairman Tom Perez spent the last year promising to be a chairman who would not interfere, nor allow committee members to interfere. This promise never included an option of a personal endorsement from him to any candidate, nor does it stand to reason an exception should be acceptable or tolerated by anyone associated with the democratic party.

However,  Mr. Tom Perez chose to publicly endorse Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday May, 24, 2018 breaking his own promise to party members, and then choosing to stand by his endorsement as his own personal endorsement, sidestepping his obligation as a personal representative of the DNC, to escape responsibility and accountability in our opinion.

This is completely unacceptable. Every Democrat and American should be outraged at the abuse of power Mr Tom Perez is demonstrating while remaining the chairman of the party. 

It is up to all party members and all Americans to demand free and fair elections without influence from those entrusted to maintain such impartiality. 

Please sign this petition to demand Tom Perez's endorsement of Andrew Cuomo be withdrawn and to call for the immediate resignation of Mr. Tom Perez, who chooses to defy, lie, break promises, and threaten future elections through his irresponsible and unethical behavior. 

Congressman Keith Ellison is currently deputy chairman of the DNC, and he has publicly denounced the endorsement tom Perez offered Cuomo. Upon resignation of Tom Perez, we respectfully ask Keith Ellison to be appointed as interim DNC chairman immediately.