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Forty years of ignored beaver population, and dams have increased the historic water level of Round Lake, in Saratoga county by over three feet, and flooded thousands of acres.

Contaminants and pollutants in the lake have been documented for years, and they are getting worse. Over a billion gallons of flood water that should flow freely out through the Anthonykill creek into the Hudson river is held back 12 months of the year at this point. 

Tributaries once flowing freely in and out and once maintained are now plugged with decades of debris creating stagnant water, alge blooms, dangerously high phosphorus levels, and harvesting mosquito populations throughout, that is dangerous to our health and well being in surrounding communities. 

It is time to demand village, town, and state officials properly allocate funds,and effort to monitor and restore the lake water quality, its tributaries, and then its historic shoreline. This is a common effort presently done in other surrounding inland bodies of waters, and throughout the nation.

Millions of dollars have been spent building a so called -  "wetland preserve" of FLOODED LAND,  2 boat launches, and a boardwalk, as concerned residents called out for funds and effort to address the dangerous phosphorus levels, flooding, and alge blooms first to no avail. This has been unacceptable when larger concerns exist, and the future of the lake depends largely on the decisions made today ..

It is our goal to act responsibly, and with genuine concern for a precious body of water and its tributaries, and for the safety and well being of all residents and those who use the lake. 

Presently village of Round Lake officials have applied for - NYS "inland water revitalization act" funds through legislation submitted, but have not been transparent about their intended use of these funds. Its been stated the funds are for "shoreline revitalization" by village officials which is not what the act calls for as a priority project. In fact the NYS act clearly states water quality issues should be first priority which stands to reason. Regardless of receipt of these funds, action is necessary immediately or we face losing a good quality lake. 

It is our goal to act responsibly, and with genuine concern for a precious body of water, and for the safety and well being of all residents, and for those who use the lake. It is our goal to seek full transparency from our state and local representatives on all matters related to the lake, and to act responsibly and expeditiously to resolve a long standing threatening problem in every way possible.

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