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Liberal thinking high schools have gender neutral bathrooms, so why not Community College of Rhode Island? Essentially, high school is just one step lower than community college, so I want to know why the college campus is not thinking one step ahead. Progressive thinking is a must, in this ever changing environment. If somebody wants change, change is possible. How would you feel if somebody told you they did not have a bathroom for your gender available? “No women’s room here, sorry.” or “no mens room here, sorry.” It is pure discrimination. People who transgress gender norms face harassment and violence in gender segregated bathrooms. Everyone deserves equal access to public facilities. Being able to safely use a public restroom is not a special privilege on Providence campus. Not everybody is defined by the stick figures on the door. Just like how handicapped people do not internally define themselves by that wheelchair stick figure. The people this problem effects is people who are transgender, gender-queer, asexual, non-conforming, gender-fluid, and even straight, and others. Just plain everyone has the right to use restrooms. Whenever I go to the bathroom, I have to flip my shoes around in the stall so that if a man comes in, they will not see me peeing sitting down. That is a fear I should not have. It is not that hard for unisex bathrooms to become the law, Philadelphia did it. In a single stall bathroom for this purpose, nothing can happen. Rape will not happen. The people who choose to use this bathroom will not have to worry about closing the lid on the toilet, like women who breast feed, or even have somebody watch them use the urinal. There should be maps online and available on campus showing where these bathrooms are, preferably next to the women and mens bathrooms. My rights as a student should be implemented, I deserve fair and equal treatment when I poop. The diversity of all students needs to be respected and put into action. Gender neutral bathrooms encourages community building, social interaction and open discussion. It seems so petty that I even have to discuss this, at such a “diverse” college. CCRI Providence should be a trans-friendly college, a queer-friendly college, and a whatever-people-identify-as-friendly college. There is no reason why this should not be successful. Bathrooms are free for all, and should be the least of anyones worries during a school day.


I am the founder and president of the CCRI Triangle Alliance (Jason Bartlett). The Triangle Alliance is an organization for lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer, asexual, etc, and questioning students and staff as well as allies. The group, which aims to create a safe, affirming space for people to talk about issues of gender and sexual orientation on and off campus. We are looking for students and staff of all backgrounds to participate; please bring your ideas and energy! :)
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