No more “Special Area Plans” in Miami!

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This picture is the proposal to replace the 2 story high Design Place apartments with a "special area plan", 28 story tall towers and a hugely dense complex named Eastside Ridge. It would be like another Midtown Miami!                                

No more “Special Area Plans” in Miami!

The City of Miami passed a terrible law in 2009:  Special Area Plans.

Special Area Plans are an enormous loophole in the Miami 21 zoning code. They make it very easy for developers to get huge increases in density and building height.

They are harming our quality of life by changing destroying affordable housing and replacing it with insane high-rise overdevelopment, displacing long-time residents and making already horrible traffic much worse.  Special Area Plans (SAPs) will cause the ‘Brickell-ization’ of other areas of Miami.

Wynwood has been one and two story buildings for many years, but now an SAP has allowed 24 story buildings to be built there!

The City was going to let a developer count part of Legion Park as an SAP, until the neighbors rose up against it. 

But that was only one SAP, and there are many others being planned – at Design Place, Magic City Trailer Park, Curley High School and more. 

This affects EVERYONE in Miami.  Don’t wait until the Sears on Coral Way or the Home Depot in Coconut Grove or the Magic City Casino or the Central Shopping Plaza get threatened. 

Don’t let this insanity continue!   Please sign this petition to abolish Special Area Plans!

Please tell all your fellow Miamians to sign it also!