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Gen Y
As hard as it is to believe, you are adults now. I know that's, like, totally LOL, but it's a reality, so just accept it.

I’m not sure you’ve been told this before, but adulthood is a bit of mixed bag. It comes with some fun stuff like being able to drive a car, and drink alcohol, but also some not so fun stuff, like getting an actual job, and moving out of home.

One of the least talked about, but most important, elements of adulthood is the responsibility to stop wearing clothes designed for small humans in nappies.

When you’re a baby you lie in bed all day and do nothing but eat, shit, and swing wildly between intense happiness, and deep heart wrenching sadness.

You are totally dependent on your parents for your every need, and you’re vulnerable to almost anything the world can throw at you.

You wear Onesies at this fragile stage of life to help protect you from the elements, and make it easier for your parents to feed, clean, and care for you.

I know everything I've just described sounds suspiciously like your current existence, but believe it or not you’ve changed, you’re no longer a baby.

Sure onesies seem cozy, and cuddly, and speak to all our yearnings for warm milk, and pooing without leaving bed in the morning, but no matter how hard you try and fight it, your baby days are over.

There are a whole lot of things that babies do that you just can’t get away with as an adult, breast feeding, swimming naked at the beach, and wearing onesies are three fairly solid examples.

I know the future is a scary place, filled with responsibility, work, and worst of all onesieless independence, but if you embrace it, you never know, you might just enjoy it.



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