More help for people with mental health.

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I want someone to stand up for people with mental health. To help people who suffer with suicidal thoughts and feelings, before it's too late.

I myself suffer with depression, some good days and some bad. I self harmed when I was around 13/14. I got sent to a councillor, told to write my feelings down. Told it would get better. I got 'better' but that thought never left my head. After the birth of my first child in 2006 I got diagnosed with PND. Got put on medication, sent to counciling. Never helped. A couple of occasions I considered ending everything but I knew I had my boy to live for. 2009, I gave birth to my second child. Back on medication I went. This time it was harder. I couldn't connect with my child. I was ready to give him up. Luckily it all fell into place and I fell madly in love with him. I have been on medication for 12 years or so. It helps. I have my dark days but nothing like I used to. I think because I am so open about how I felt and feel now. 

Things have become worse again. Not for me but for my 11 year old son. For the last 10months he has been mentioning he wants to kill himself. A couple of weeks ago he actually tied a cord around his neck. I was lucky enough to find him seconds later. He has these thoughts about death and life being better without him. Sent to hospital. CAMHS involved (can't say i feel im getting the help he needs from them) social services involved (good but don't feel its going to help, feel like i am being watched to be honest, not him) Doctors have been no help. 

I will talk to whoever will listen to me about my child. He needs help. As his parent I know. I have been there. I see the signs. I will fight the ends of the earth to get him what he needs.

Self harm, dark thoughts, suicide, mental health I personally feel are taboo subjects. It's put out there in the media but there really isn't the help that is needed.

 I don't know if this petition is going to help but someone needs to make a stand and tell the government what they are doing with these cuts is not acceptable. People are taking their own lives because they haven't got anyone to talk too. Because no one wants to listen. Well I want to listen. I want to make a stand. I want to get people the help they so desperately need. Suicide doesn't have to be the only option. Maybe if we get enough signatures this will be taken to parliament and they will listen. Share away. Sign your name. Let's make a stand for all them people that were not listened too.