Request to Bring SES4U (Grade 12 Earth/Space Sciences) to Vincent Massey Secondary School

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This petition urges Vincent Massey Secondary School to offer SES4U, a Grade 12 University Preparation Course in Earth/Space Sciences.

We, four senior students of Vincent Massey Secondary School, are aware of the rise in importance of STEM education. We agree that there should be an increase of in-depth STEM courses, and we believe that science isn’t just a subject we learn in school.

In English class, we were assigned to read the book Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. Neil DeGrasse Tyson leads us into a world of space science that we hardly even knew existed; our only education on space from school was a very brief, self-taught unit in the ninth grade. Tyson both surprised and intrigued us - not only because of his in-depth knowledge of the cosmos, but because of his belief in the importance of scientific literacy.

Thanks to this assignment, we have decided to promote a science conscious lifestyle - starting within our school.

Students see passionate teachers as role models and reflections of who they want to be in the future. An essential element to developing student interest in science is to show them its relevance to their daily lives and motivate them to develop an even deeper understanding of science beyond their academic career.

The Apollo missions sparked excitement throughout the country and inspired a whole generation of students to advocate for space scientific literacy in the general population. Similarly, space education in our high school can increase awareness and interest in several environmental issues we face today. What today’s youth knows about the environment can be misinformation if their main source is social media.


Through this petition, we hope that Vincent Massey Secondary School will consider adding SES4U as a course, emphasizing the importance of Earth/Space sciences. We call for change on behalf of the students of Massey. Please sign and share this petition!