Implement the Topic of Black Slavery into the Grade 10 Ontario History Curriculum

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     Slavery in Canada has been present from the very beginning of this countries history. It has been instilled into Canada's roots and black people have been enslaved longer than they have been free. Slavery has shaped Canadian history and has engineered many significant events throughout past years.

     For the past 50 years, Canada has been considered one of the most multicultural and accepting countries in the world and has held an image of diversity, however its dark history of slavery isn't mentioned in Canadian school curriculum. Each and every year, new Canadian students are clueless about the topic of slavery in Canada, and many don't even know it ever existed. The grade 10 mandatory history curriculum in Ontario only mentions how Canada actually helped slaves escape from the USA through the Underground Railroad, however they never mention that Canada was also a big factor in the rise of slavery. Canada is ultimately blaming the USA for slavery and aren't taking any of the blame themselves, which is unfair to those who have ancestors that were slaves as Canada is trying to cover this dishonest path. A topic of this severity should be spoken down upon to teach the future of Canada to never repeat this big tragedy ever again.

     Ultimately, slavery in Canada should be discussed in mandatory grade 10 history classes in Ontario, even if it does ruin Canada's reputation, because this will build a more accepting and non-racist Canadian future and will deliver the message to every single Canadian teen in Ontario.