Keep Massey's moduflex timetable

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Vincent Massey’s administration is looking to change Massey’s timetable system from moduflex to a semester system. The moduflex system refers to the mixed full-year & semester courses that Massey has historically used while a semester system will eliminate all full-year classes.

The moduflex system has played a critical role within Massey’s strong academic programs. By offering the benefits of both full-year and semester courses, Massey has been able to tailor its courses to provide the best experience for students of all streams. This has broad impacts, whether to its language, math, science, or music programs, all of which leverage full-year courses to provide a better education for Massey students.

Removing full-year courses will have negative impacts on student learning both inside and outside the classroom, which is supported by numerous academic studies. For example, courses within the enriched stream are designed to leverage full-year, incremental learning for students. Further, students participating in extracurriculars such as French, math, or computer science competitions, those taking Advanced Placement exams, or those in one of Massey’s several bands, will also be negatively impacted by not taking relevant courses concurrently.

Administration has not provided adequate evidence supporting the change to a semester system, and the process has been rushed and non-transparent. This letter, dated March 1, was circulated to parents and includes some weak and misleading arguments for switching systems. Administration has even suggested a valid reason to be “every other high school here is semestered.” Shortly after circulating the letter, a staff vote was held on March 7, and students and parents will vote after March Break on March 19 & 20. These votes will be used as input by the GECDSB Director’s Council in making the final decision.

As alumni, we’ve had the opportunity to benefit from Massey’s strong academic programs. The moduflex system has contributed to Massey’s position as one of the top schools in the province and has contributed to its consistent output of successful graduates. The strong foundation we have gained through our time at Massey has equipped us for our lives beyond secondary school.

As past students of Massey, we believe that eliminating the moduflex system will be an arbitrary, unjustifiable, and ultimately detrimental change to the quality of education at Massey, and thus we are calling upon the members of the GECDSB Director’s Council to keep the existing moduflex timetable system.

To share personal comments, feel free to reach out to these members of GECDSB & Vincent Massey administration by March 20, 2019.

GECDSB & Vincent Massey Administration

Erin Kelly, Director of Education
Jessica Sartori, Chairperson of the Board
Linda Qin, School Board Trustee
Sharon Pyke, Superintendent of Education
Joan Rankin, Vincent Massey Principal


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