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Bring Borderlands 2 to the WiiU

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Borderlands 2 is arguably one of the best games of the year. It has a large fan base on the PC, PS3, and 360. And with the WiiU out, it could work out on the console for the best.

With the WiiU GamePad, it could be used to sort inventory and menus, and when not browsing the menu, it could always show a map. It could streamline the gaming allowing for faster gameplay.

With the WiiU gamepad's second screen, it could allow one player to play on the screen and one to use a Pro Controller and play on the tv for local co-op. And with the inclusion of the Miiverse on the WiiU, it could allow for easier way to hook up with other players and go through Pandora together.

Randy Pitchford, CEO and president of Gearbox has said that they currently have no plans to bring the game to the WiiU, which means it will never come. But in 2013, Aliens: Colonial Marines, a title also by Gearbox Software will be making it's way to the WiiU with competitive multiplayer, and drop in-and-out co-op akin to Borderlands 2.

Even if the DLC never comes to the WiiU version, with the GamePad and miiverse, it will surely make Borderlands 2 feel like a whole new experience and feel fresh even months after it's initial release.

The Borderlands franchise has a huge install base, and with the WiiU, it could become even bigger. It's a good way for Gearbox and 2K along with Nintendo to increase sales and show that they listen to fans and want to expand their audience.

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