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Gear Games: Update Prehistoric Park Builder

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Prehistoric Park Builder is a game where you can build your very own prehistoric amusement park! The fans of the game want an update since the game hasn't changed or evolved much since it's release. I have tried to contact customer service, and the answer is always the same, "We are working on an update which will be released soon" but I don't think the answer is true considering they have been saying the same thing since 2015! Below is a list of what we would like:

  1.  New rides. There's about 60 of them now, but we would like if there were even more!
  2.  More different looking visitors. There's about 10 different visitors, but it would be more exciting if there could be more of them that look different. It's not so exciting when there's 5 same looking people in the lines.
  3.  A chance to save the game and play on multiple devices. Now it's only possible to play on one device, but if it breaks you have to restart the whole game, which is not fun if you're in a high level.
  4. More Achievements. Achievements are a great way to earn gold coins!
  5. More decorations! Decorations are a way to make your park look unique and pretty!
  6.  More foods and shops! It's fun to see the visitors eat and shop, so more different foods and shops (like the gift shop) would be amazing too!

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