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GCHS: Beverage Policy

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Garden City High Schools Administration's priorities are completely out of order. Today, our principal, Mrs. Kollar, decided to ban students rights to bring Slurpees and/or coffee beverages to school during school hours. 

First of all, this makes no sense on any level. What does coffee have in it? Caffeine. What do Slurpees have in them? Sugar. 

Our school district already expects us to be wide awake and ready to learn at 7:20 AM, five days a week. I feel like they forget that we have school for six hours every weekday, excluding school events. How does administration expect us to be up that early, do six classes worth of homework, participate in extracurricular activities, and go to bed in enough time to get enough sleep for the teenage brain? The math doesn't add up.

I am not saying that downing a cappuccino or Slurpee or consuming anything that is meant for energy is healthy, but it's a way for students to get things done without falling asleep in class.

That's another thing. How do you expect us not to fall asleep in class if you're not even giving enough time to sleep at home?  

It's funny because nine times out of ten, every staff member that will report students for having coffee will probably be drinking coffee as they're yelling at kids. Why are teachers allowed to drink coffee?  

This just shows how much faculty cares about their student body. Our district is more worried about students drinking non-healthy things rather than having sustainable air-conditioning for the summer, or the fact that not every heater in classrooms works, but they're fine with it because the whole office is air-conditioned and has working heat.

Maybe you should make sure the building you work in, where 1000+ students are taught, is in complete working condition before you think you even have the audacity to complain about what students are drinking. 

And you should probably finish the parking lot while you're at it. 

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