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GCCF - Petition against merging breeds at imperial level including BoV. Siamese & Oriental

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This impacts all breeds. Please sign for your breed also. See the discussion section and you will see the proposals.

There were proposals made in June at the GCCF council meeting to merge the Siamese and Oriental breed classes. 

There was a vote made by those attending the meeting but as far as I am aware no one has asked the exhibitors what they want. 

A number of exhibitors I have spoken to are strongly against this too. 

Please sign this petition and provide supporting comments to appeal the decision made at the council meeting. 

Quote from the June 17 GCCF council meeting notes "The outcome was a vote in favour of option 2 that with 87 wanting it gained considerable approval. Just 4 thought option 1 was the way to go, and 24 delegates abstained. There was then the inevitable question when change would take place. All that could be said was that it was planned for June 2018, but with acknowledgement that there was so much to do that it could well take longer."

My opinion is this would result in fewer exhibitors attending shows.  We should be focusing our time collectively as exhibitors and breeders to encourage new people to shoe by buddying, helping advertise locally, informing new kitten owners of shows and helping our shows. 

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