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I have always been intrigued by the world of Online multiplayer Games.  I don't ask for much, and during tough times, it can really change your life when you have an exciting online game to go into, to forget about anything going on in the real world.  There is something special about any game that you can have fun with friends, or even by yourself.  I consider HERO UP to be basically THE PERFECT online game. Hero Up is so amazing, the art style is unique, and its just such a different game..   The staff and developers have worked so hard over the past few years creating hundreds of Marvel Super Hero characters to level up and have fun with in missions or just in the main zones with friends.  HERO UP offers endless hours of fun with all the missions you can play with friends, leveling up heroes, even trying to level up your achievement rank.  

There is just TOO MUCH in this game to let go.  This isn't a small "beta" project, Hero Up has had so many years of updates and amazing animation put into it that make it so special.  Gazillion should be HIRING the original staff team, and work on the game, the game was going perfect, it maybe could have just used some sort of new advertising to help get more Membership and Gold Purchases if that is what was needed.  Gazillion should really not give up on Hero Up, they should have asked for donations, or invest in one big advertisement at a gaming convention or on a kids channel for a commercial.  Hero Up's site looks fantastic, the game is so much fun and structured in an amazing way, its just too amazing to let go, something must  be done to SAVE HERO UP.  

Gazillion should really consider making this game playable somehow, whether its to port it over to the iPad, make the game still playable offline, or just invest in the game, see its potential, and realize they CAN make it work the way they want online.  Hero Up has so many characters to level up and play with, achievements to reach for, and even its own card game that many players enjoy.  There is TOO MUCH here to let go, we MUST ask Gazillion to realize how many people enjoy this game, and that if they ask for donations for advertisements, maybe they can reach thousands of new players that would enjoy Hero Up.  HELP SAVE HERO UP!

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