Make Black History Compulsory in the UK

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For a former Empire the UK has no Black History taught in Schools across the United Kingdom. Their has been recordings of Black people being present in the UK since the times of the Romans,Black people have been totally overlooked by the British Educational system and essentially robbed from learning about their long History in this nation. I was shocked to learn about people like Sara Bonetta Forbes, A black African Princess who became Queen Victoria’s Goddaughter and William Cuffay a Black political leader in the 18th of the Chartists. Imagine how progressive this nation could’ve been if influential Black people of the past, Like these two where embedded into the brain’s of every British Citizen.

One slideshow on Black History, once in Black History month isn’t enough. We as a Nation have been robbed of learning about how culturally rich this nation has been for hundreds of years, The Educational system is systematically whitewashed, Black History, British History must properly reflect the History of the country. For those young Black children sitting in year 7 waiting for someone who reflects them to show up on their screens, It must change.