Save Apprenticeship Training Providers

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Charitable and Independent apprenticeship training providers account for 70% of all apprenticeship programmes in England. Right now they are being forced out of business.  Further education colleges in the public sector have been guaranteed funding from the Government, however, charitable and independent apprenticeship providers offering the same services are being DENIED the same guaranteed funding. 

The coming months will see a disaster befall young people with youth unemployment reaching eye watering levels. Without the independent training providers working to help them, their schools and parents, we’ll see another lost generation. Existing apprentices are also in jeopardy if their training provider ceases to exist.  All of this can be avoided.

Apprenticeship training providers ARE NOT ASKING the Department of Education FOR NEW MONEY, we are simply asking the Department to repeat what they have done for colleges and guarantee the funding they have already been allocated for apprenticeships on an equitable basis as colleges.  

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