Steve Burr needs to stay in prison


Steve Burr needs to stay in prison

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Stephanie Arthur started this petition to Governor Gavin Newsom

 Its been 13 years Since Diana Basham was violently killed by Steve Burr. Steve burr has been granted parole EARLY. She was savagely beaten and strangled because she was leaving him. He abused his prior wife and other women. Don't let other women be at risk!

Please contact Governor Newsom to protest his release. Select 'Parole - Governor's Review' on his contact page. Here's the link:

Please share to as many people as possible. I have attached a letter that will be sent to the governor, please feel free to use or use your own words.

Steven Douglas Burr – CDC# G-37732
Mule State Prison - Parole Hearing Date: June 19, 2019

Dear Governor Newsom,

Please DO NOT grant parole to convicted murderer, Steven Burr. On June 26, 2006, Diana Basham, age 40, was brutally beaten and strangled by Steven Burr. Steven Burr was sentenced to Second-Degree Murder and received a 15 Year to Life term. During his testimony during the parole hearing, Steven Burr, relayed that he lied during the criminal trial to try to get his time reduced. He was successful by getting only Second-Degree murder instead of the First-Degree that he should have legally received. He relayed during the parole hearing that Diana Basham told him she was leaving him, and he said that if he couldn’t have her then he didn’t want anyone else to have her. He relentlessly began beating her and strangling her. After some time sitting next to her, he saw her stirring and realized that she was still alive. At that time, he grabbed one of her son’s trophies, and began bludgeoning her until she was dead. He stated that his intent was to murder her. He appealed his case in 2012 and was rejected.

There is every reason to believe that he will reoffend as a few years prior to murdering Diana Basham, Burr was arrested for assaulting his first wife. Fortunately, the intended victim managed to escape and immediately filed for a restraining order and an annulment of their marriage. Previous to that he punched his female roommate in the face and her nose was broken. He was charged with embezzlement from his long-term employer, Albertson’s, and attempted to escape by flying into New York but was cajoled by his wife, Diana Basham, to return and face the consequences. He received three DUI’s. He did not file income taxes for years. Steven Burr has made the wrong choice time after time, and he has a history of violence against women that only continued to escalate.

Steven Burr must be held accountable for his personal choice to savagely kill his wife who was a mother to two teenage boys. He has not accepted the consequences of his actions. Due to his complete disregard for human life, lack of remorse and the heinous nature and brutality of this crime, justice demands that this convicted murderer be denied parole. He must remain behind bars, where he can never again harm another innocent human being. Diana Basham had so much to offer this world; so many wonderful plans and dreams for her future. She will never get a second chance at life; she is gone forever.

If he is released, according to his own statement during the parole hearing, he will seek a new relationship with a female. He participated in the type of programs (group classes) that reduced his prison time but amazingly, he received no direct mental health therapy for domestic violence! That’s horrific! Please don’t let someone else’s mother, daughter, or sister be another tragic victim. Please deny parole to convicted murderer, Steven Burr, for the maximum time allowed by State of California law.

Thank you for your consideration.



This petition made change with 736 supporters!

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