Save Your children from ED

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Hi, My name is Sofia and I'm a junior at a California high school. I'm advocating for banning calorie counting in health classes. Calorie counting leads to eating disorders frequently, and when teens are actively encouraged to count their calories in classes, eating disorders will blossom. Instead of statistics, here are human stories of how eating disorders ruin lives.

Hi again its me, Sofia. Since a young age I was underweight, and i identified with it. I was that skinny girl. When puberty hit at age 10 I noticed I started to gain weight, and since I was a dancer, this was a problem. I started to starve myself, at first it was just skip dessert, have a salad, run five extra minutes. As time went on little things added up and I started middle school at 59 pounds. In seventh grade health class i started to phycotically limit my intake while running track and dancing. Once high school started and I had to go through health class once again, and I passed a point that no one should ever pass. I had one meal a day and after I purged it. I would only eat 1,000 calories or less, and would exercise until I passed out if I went over. I eventually stopped throwing up food and all that came up was blood. I pushed away friends and family because i didn't want to burden them with my problems. I was at deaths doorstep when I begged for help. I had to stop dance, my passion, which killed me, but also saved my life. I believe that everyone deserves help. We can save lives if we teach healthy eating in classes, and not a glorified version of starving yourself. Please, help save teens with eating disorder education and ban calorie counting in health classes.

-Sofia Palau

I was diagnosed with adhd from a young age and it was severe so i was put on medication for it and i was on 4 different medications from 5th to 8th grade and none of them were right for me because they make you lose a lot of weight sometimes and can make you very depressed which happened to me and it wasn’t intentional at this point but the amount i lost was so unhealthy the point my doctor was concerned so we came to an agreement that i should go off of it so i did and because of this i gained weight again and got to a really healthy weight for my height and age. People noticed I gained weight and because society isn't okay with people gaining weight a friend at the time pointed out i was fat even though i was at a completely good weight again and this thought raced into my head that i needed to be slimmer so it all started off with calorie restriction and counting i would log what i ate every with terrible restrictions too at first 1,200 calories a day and sometimes id barely go  over the calorie amount i allowed myself and this led to me slowly developing bulimia and abuse laxatives, id do both like once a week at first but then it become every other day and it was an ending cycle of crying everyday about my weight even though I was skinny and this led me to feeling exhausted and all the energy was sucked out of me often, my nails became brittle and weak and i was always exhausted and i lost about 20 pounds and my mom noticed how obsessed i was with my weight so i was diagnosed with bulimia and anorexia.i had relapses and it took time but my body ended up going back to normal somewhat except bulimia still has some affects along really bad acid reflux and heart burn.

-Anonymous Supporter

I understand how our schools health class want to teach us how to eat healthy and be good to our bodies, but showing how much we should eat can make us feel like we need to eat more or eat less and it makes us feel bad about how we look especially if we are already insecure about the way we look already. I am not saying that eating healthy is not important but saying that there’s a certain amount we need to eat is not true. Everyone is different which means our diets and what WE need to be healthy are of course different as well. Saying what an average person should eat can make us compare to the diets that keep us healthy and the average diets can makes us feel like we are too fat or too skinny and that it’s because the way we eat is the reason why we are insecure about the way we look. What we eat is obviously important, but having to record how much we eat and seeing how it doesn’t match or seem similar to average results based of many people diets added together is not an exact answer of how much each person needs to be healthy. Everyone is beautiful and it’s ok to be insecure but our school saying how our diets can lead to us thinking it’s our fault we are insecure because of what we eat and push us on to a dangerous road of eating more or starving themselves just so they can look a certain way, but also sacrifice them being healthy is the wrong way. so the school should not have a project where students are to count how much they eat because health class does teach students how to be healthy, but they don’t know what each student is like so they don’t have a say on what they need are the same is to get more exercise or eat healthier because they could end up getting sick.


These are just some examples of how Eating disorders can take over lives and hurt so many people. Please take action against diet culture now. Anorexia is the deadliest mental illness. Preventing it will save lives, do your part to help teens take down ED and live healthy happy lives!