Reopen and Reclassify California Gymnastics Centers

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Dear Governor Newsom, California Department of Public Health and California State Representatives:

We are writing to you on behalf of California Gymnastics Programs representing over two hundred and fifty gymnastics centers throughout the state. We are asking for help to properly recognize the business differences between youth gymnastics training facilities and adult gym/fitness training facilities. Gymnastics centers are unique and our operations meet many COVID-19 safer recommendations such as:

  1. Gymnastics is an individual activity with no physical contact between participants.
  2. Our facilities’ large size combined with high ceiling heights enables ample airflow and plenty of space to socially distance our participants. The majority of gymnastics centers have extensive indoor square footage (10,000-20,000 sf) and ceiling heights 18’ and above to accommodate our required apparatus equipment. 
  3. Within our large training facilities, skills, activities and participants are traditionally spaced 6’ apart or greater. This naturally allows for safe movement and productive learning activities without physical contact with others.
  4. Gymnastics can be done safely indoors. When following established protocols, including wearing of masks by coaches and participants. It has been established that gymnastics can be done in a safe and effective manner.
  5. Gymnastics centers’ programming is based on low ratio classes with consistent staffing. Creating stable learning pods of participants is a regular part of our operations.

Under current mandates, many of our businesses have been entirely closed or are operating significantly below capacity. By some counts, close to 90 gymnastics centers have permanently closed throughout the country and many others are on the verge of bankruptcy. For California gymnastics centers, 6 months is entirely too long to be in forced closure with no end or support in sight.

Recognizing that gymnastics centers are a distinctive part of our economy, it is our belief that less restrictive guidelines can be developed by the State of California which would allow us to restart operations in a manner that maintains the safety of our participants, coaches, parents and community at large. We respectfully request that gymnastics centers be reclassified independent of gym/fitness centers giving our industry the opportunity it deserves to restart successfully and safely again.

Thanks for your consideration on this important matter.


California Gymnastics Programs