Reform and rethink California's high-speed rail boondoggle!

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In 2008 California voters approved the Proposition 1A, or high-speed rail act, that promised to deliver a 33B $ high-speed rail line between the Bay Area and Anaheim that would be 1) equally funded by the state, the federal goverment and private investors 2) would be self-sustaining and 3) would make the trip between Los Angeles and San Francisco in 2 hours and 40 minutes. Now costs are at over 64B $, travel times at 3h 15min+ and there are no private investors. The line slices through farmland and cities, destroying fields, homes and businesses. 

The #RETHINKCAHSR initiative has set the goal to stop the current project and to deliver a working alternative plan to fulfill the promises made 10 years ago by bringing the proponents (dem. politicians) and the opponents (most Californians, rep. politicians) together to find a compromise that works for everybody. The key facts of the proposal can be seen on This petition is directed to the major gubernatorial candidates of the 2018 election. The next governor will have to present a solution for the high-speed rail issue. High-speed rail is necessary to fulfill future transportation needs of the state, but the current project is not what the people of California deserve. 

We need enough signatures to start a ballot initiative. This measure is necessary to draw real change. Please help to spread the message and to get enough signatures. Thank you!

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