Keep Father and Dedicated Pet Food Express Employee Hay Hov in the U.S.

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We are employees and community members of Pet Food Express and we strongly encourage Governor Newsom to pardon Hay Hov. We believe in rehabilitation and second chances, and Hay is a valued co-worker.

Mr. Hay Hov has been a Class A truck driver for Pet Food Express since July 17, 2017. He has been an outstanding employee and we consider him to be one of our best drivers and a model employee, respected and liked by all. He is a safe and considerate driver, and has conducted himself professionally in all public interactions. He is punctual, works diligently, and helps out when we are shorthanded.

As a company, we have total confidence in Mr. Hov to safely deliver millions of dollars’ worth of product to our stores. His deliveries require him to access the stores when they are empty and closed for business, and we trust him unreservedly with the keys.

Mr. Hov has told us that he is being deported due to his actions 19 years ago when he was a youth. We understand that he has served his time for those actions. Should he be allowed to stay in the US, we strongly wish that he continue working for Pet Food Express.

As you may know, truck drivers are a vanishing resource nationwide. Pet Food Express has had an extremely difficult time finding drivers that meet our standards of competence, reliability, customer service, and character. On a personal note, we know that Mr. Hov is devoted to his family and to raising his autistic son who needs special education and therapy. We share Hay’s concern that if he is deported to Cambodia, his son’s quality of life and chances for a meaningful future will suffer greatly.

In all, we feel deporting Mr. Hov would be a disservice to both his family and to our company. We should all admire his work ethic, devotion to his family, and that he has overcome mistakes made early in his life to become a productive member of society.

We appreciate this opportunity to urge our government authorities to allow Mr. Hov to remain here in the United States.

For further information, read this article by the San Francisco Chronicle: