Let Jason Runnels come and fight for Ukraine

Let Jason Runnels come and fight for Ukraine

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My name is Maryna Luchnykova and I am from Odessa, Ukraine.

It has happened so that I am in a relationship with Jason Runnels who is incarcerated in CIM, Chino. We love each other and he is going to relocate to Ukraine when he is out; both of us are fine with this decision.

Jason's case is in the appeal court right now because he is trying to make justice work - all he wants is for truth in his case to be seen. We do not know how it will turn out in the court even with all these new laws that seem to be helping; in the worst case he will be eligible for elderly parole in 2029. 

(And I do hope I will be alive then but to say that the current situation makes me doubt that sometimes would be an understatement. We have innocent people and children dying here daily and when each of us goes to sleep (IF we go to sleep) we do not know if we will wake up tomorrow.)

Jason is a Native American who grew in reservation and had a very tough childhood like many Natives; and yes he had previous prison terms related to drugs but he is NOT a violent person; anyone who knows him in real life will tell you that and even people in prison will tell you he is a programmer, a worker and a very decent person.

I have known him for two years and this man is a great person; he helped me when I had to run from my abusive husband and gave me his last money to move because I could not afford it.  He has been supporting me all this time mentally and emotionally and he is doing his best now when we are in the midst of war with Russia.

It goes without saying if Jason were free he would have already been on the way to Ukraine with the very first plane because that is where a real man should be; protecting his woman from enemies. He is ready to fight for Ukraine and it is not just words. He is going crazy there knowing that I am here on my own and he can do nothing to protect me.

If that does not tell you anything about what this man is like then I guess nothing can.

I am asking for all kind of help to attract attention to this situation; overall doesn’t it make more sense to let him fight for the country where his love is and where he might be killed rather than let him rot in prison?

I am not really good at writing speeches and English is not my mother language but I do ask to help us in this situation; we need any help that we can get.

Thank you.


Maryna Luchnykova

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